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渡して needs an English definition.
posted by JACKBOSMA

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  • kousuke
    It's the -te form of watasu/渡す meaning to cross a road; hand in/over,etc.
  • mog86uk
    There are no English definitions given for any "kanji" questions, if they aren't in the dictionary (specifically JDict, I think).

    So usually no definitions for any of the following: non-dictionary conjugated forms of conjugatable words, ~する verbs (except some single kanji ones), 形容動詞 when they have な affixed, place names, phrases when they aren't set expressions, ...
    The translations have been added in the past as I came across a few words. beeant does an outstanding job. I understand that the translations are not included in the quizzes, but they are on the page listing missed words prior to taking the quiz.
  • mog86uk
    新宿    place name
    地下一階    a floor number
    午前九時    a time of the day
    午後四時半    a time of the day
    品川    place name
    ニューヨーク市    place name
    新宿区    place name
    渋谷区    place name
    古い町    a phrase
    有楽町    place name
    7番    an ordinal number
    アジアの国    a phrase
    私のパソコン    a phrase
    東の方    a phrase
    テニス部    a phrase
    3年生    a school year
    2008年    a world history year
    うちへ帰る    a phrase
    帰国する    ~する verb
    東京駅に着く    a phrase
    待って    a conjugated form
    持って    a conjugated form
    開店する    ~する verb
    閉店する    ~する verb
    本を閉じる    a phrase
    通学する    ~する verb
    学校に通う    a phrase
    散歩する    ~する verb
    山手線    name of a train line
    復習する    ~する verb
    楽な仕事    a phrase
    いい曲    a phrase
    白い雪    a phrase
    説明する    ~する verb
    ワープロ用紙    a phrase
    運転する    ~する verb
    三度目    an itteration number
    新宿    place name
    今学期    a phrase
    結婚する    ~する verb
    婚約する    ~する verb
    相談する    ~する verb
    入院する    ~する verb
    退院する    ~する verb
    熱がある    a phrase
    経験する    ~する verb
    研修する    ~する verb
    研究する    ~する verb
    池袋    place name
    ミシガン湖    name of a lake
    バリ島    place name
    日本橋    place name
    両学部    a phrase
    2階    a floor number
    3階    a floor number
    渡して    a conjugated form
    変な    形容動詞 with な affixed
    消し    * a conjugated form
    3台    a numerical amount
    100点    a numerical amount
    10枚    a numerical amount
    農業用    a phrase
    一週間以内    a phrase
    週末以外    a phrase
    2対3    a phrase
    二泊三日    a phrase
    一泊二万円    a phrase
    最も古い    a phrase
    第一日目    a phrase
    第二土曜    a phrase
    数を数える    a phrase
    東洋と西洋    a phrase
    タクシー代    a phrase
    二歳    a numerical amount

    * 消し possibly should be in the dictionary, but it's not in JDict.
  • mog86uk
    I've never noticed any meanings being added to "kanji" questions when they didn't have one. However I don't really pay a lot of attention to the Encounter History after answering them, so maybe I've just not realised. I've only seen "vocabulary" questions have their meanings changed from one thing to another.

    I used to check each question very carefully, looking for bugs and typos. Within levels 1 to 6 there were 74 kanji questions which had no English meaning listed. I still have the list of them. I haven't checked through levels 7 and 8 though. I'll post the list in the previous post (using mad time travelling skillz), so as not to take up too much in the Social Feeds. ^^
  • mog86uk
    Oh! Just answered 潔く (a level 8 kanji question) and it had the English definition. This is a conjugated form of a 形容詞 ("i-adjective"), which isn't something normally listed in dictionaries.

    So looks like there are definitely some kanji questions which have had their English meanings entered manually, in level 8 at least. Maybe they will all get manually edited if people report them like you are then. ^^
  • mog86uk
    Every single one of lv7 and lv8 kanji questions has an English definition. I just went through all 576 questions. The only item which isn't in the dictionary is that one I already mentioned (潔く). All the others are dictionary headwords.

    So it's only those previously listed 74 items in lv1 to lv6 which might still not have an English definition. You say some of them have been changed already, so I wonder how many are actually remaining. ^^
  • mog86uk
    Chapter  Kanji question

    09    新宿
    10    地下一階
    10    午前九時
    10    午後四時半
    12    品川
    15    ニューヨーク市
    15    新宿区
    15    渋谷区
    15    古い町
    15    有楽町
    15    7番
    16    アジアの国
    16    私のパソコン
    16    東の方
    16    テニス部
    17    3年生
    17    2008年
    18    うちへ帰る
    18    帰国する
    18    東京駅に着く
    18    待って
    18    持って
    19    開店する
    19    閉店する
    19    本を閉じる
    20    通学する
    20    学校に通う
    20    散歩する
    20    山手線
  • mog86uk
    ^ Those are the first 29 items from that list and which kanji lesson chapter they are in. I just did the first 20 chapter tests and all 29 of these items still have no English definition.
  • mog86uk
    Someone else can check the other 45, which are all in the lv3~6 kanji chapters, if they're bored enough, but I doubt it's necessary. :P

    I guess maybe it is still possible for them to be added to the chapter pages without having an English meaning and without having a dictionary match, idk. At the moment only items which are found in the dictionary are shown underneath each kanji on the chapter pages (潔く is actually in JCJP's dictionary, I just noticed).

    Otherwise, the English definitions for each one will need to be added manually, one by one, before these items can be listed on the chapter pages like the rest of the items.