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Can we eliminate EXP restrictions and get 10 points for a correct answer and lose 10 for a wrong one? I'm stuck with 1 point per correct answer and sometimes minus 26 points for a wrong one. +10 for a correct and -10 for a wrong seem even better. I learned all of my Japanese on this site. 12 and 26 just doesn't make sense.
posted by JACKBOSMA

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    What does 380000 mean after my EXP current totals?
    I really want to eliminate the current cap of 28 attempts then one point per answer.
    I'm earning less EXP the better I get. It should be the other way around.
  • mog86uk
    ・The cap is 29 times to earn full EXP, which applies to each question of all types on the site.
    ・"380000" after your current EXP total is the EXP requirement you need to meet to attain the next level (level 9...)
    ・The worst you currently should be able to manage to get is minus 28 points, by answering answer a level 8 kanji question wrong (since for kanji questions you lose base EXP multiplied by 2, and base EXP for level 8 kanji is 14 EXP). Maybe there is a bug that needs fixing if it's not awarding -28 EXP?

    The 29 answer cap was introduced a few years after the site was created. The cap has now been around for about 5 years. We always used to get 0 EXP each time we answered any question correctly past 29 times, but Beeant changed it to 1 EXP per answer only a couple of months ago.

    At least you should be able to do Practice without ending up with a minus value total EXP, unlike what happened to some of us for a long time. It wasn't fun answering 1000 questions correctly and one single answer wrong and ending up with a minus total EXP for the day. You're lucky, haha... XD
    mog86uk I appreciate it. I understand but it seems that we should earn more EXP the better we get.
  • mog86uk
    Lv Vocab  Kanji
    1   6exp   7exp
    2   7exp   8exp
    3   8exp   9exp
    4   9exp  10exp
    5  10exp  11exp
    6  11exp  12exp
    7  12exp  13exp
    8  13exp  14exp

    If you answer them in the Lessons there is no combo bonus, so you only receive base EXP. If you answer them in Practice, the base EXP is multiplied by whatever combo bonus multiplier you are currently on.

    If you answer a Vocabulary question wrong in either Lessons or Practice, you lose base EXP. If you answer a Kanji question wrong in either Lessons or Practice, you lose base EXP multiplied by 2.

    And if you have already answered any of the questions 29 times correctly, then the base EXP and combo bonus are completely ignored — you will instead only earn 1 EXP every time you answer the question.

    Example situation:
     Your combo bonus multiplier is x10 and you answer a Practice Lv7 kanji question correctly for the 29th time. You recieve 130 EXP.
     You later answer the same question correctly again, while still having x10 combo bonus, and it's now your 30th time answering it correctly. You recieve 1 EXP.
     You answer this question again, but get it wrong this time. You receive minus 26 EXP.
  • mog86uk
    Readings quiz awards 7 EXP for every question answered correctly (except after 29 times, where it also switches to awarding 1 EXP instead), and awards -14 EXP for every wrong answer.

    There is no combo bonus, which doesn't make it a very attractive choice for earning EXP. However you are much less likely to reach 29 times answering the same question correct, because there is such a huge number of unique questions.

    I think the 29 answer limit wouldn't be too awful if we could earn a more respectable amount of EXP doing the Readings feature. One of the following ideas could possibly be enough to make doing Readings quizzes feel like you are awarded enough for the amount of work:

    ・25 EXP for correct answers, -50 EXP for wrong answers.

    ・A multiplier x5 bonus EXP awarded affecting the total amount of EXP you earned for that quiz. So if you answered 20 questions correctly (140 EXP) and 5 wrong (-70 EXP), you would have ended up with a total of 70 EXP for that quiz... then you get x5 EXP bonus for copleting the quiz... 70 EXP multiplied by x5 quiz completion bonus = 350 EXP.

    ・A flat amount of EXP awarded as a bonus upon completing the whole quiz (like 500 EXP). Although this wouldn't seem right if you barely answered any questions correctly in the quiz.

    It would be nice if other features were looked more competitive in relation to doing Practice. I don't think it's a bad thing for wrong answers to deduct more EXP than what you gain from answering correct though. It makes you more try harder not to make any mistakes (like in Practice where you try hard not to lose your combo). ^^
    mog86uk, can this information be posted on the homepage so that all enrollees are aware of the points?