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Someone can tell me how I can deactivate notifications, please? I joined in a shiritori game - that I liked - but I receive notifications about every comment and it's flooding my e-mail :/
In settings > subscriptions > I've marked only "progress" and markd off "comments" and "announcements".
Thanks for the help!
posted by 5rree5

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  • mog86uk
    This was asked only a few threads back in the forums. See the reply given by the site admin, Beeant.

    Sadly it doesn't seem like you can right now. On gmail I just made a filter to send certain emails from this site skip the inbox and go to a different folder. It may be a while before Beeant has time to get round to fixing this issue, as he is currently working on something big and is probably trying to stay focused on finishing it. ^^


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