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About the latest advertising spam on this site.

I'm getting really tired of seeing posts promoting unrelated products. I wouldn't mind it if it was something related to the learning of the Japanese language, which is the main focus of this site, being posted here by a user that actually uses the site.

I feel kinda sad when I see new accounts being created just for the sake of promoting their products. There is a right way of doing this, but this isn't it. This needs to stop. Not only will they continue doing this sort of thing, there is a risk that their products may be harmful in some way (regardless of what is advertised) and the users that were hurt may blame this site because they saw it here (yes, those people exist).

I humbly call beeant for action on this problem. If he thinks this is important but he has no time to moderate it, I wouldn't mind being on the lookout for this sort of thing and reporting on it or dealing with it directly if I may be given that privilege.
posted by FelliVox

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  • mog86uk
    Ad spamming on sites completely unrelated to their product really is disgracefully rude. How any company thinks doing this is in any way helpful to their business is beyond my understanding. No half-decent respectable company would ever do this...

    I wouldn't really be worried about the chance users might buy something, because I really can't imagine anyone who is intelligent enough to be trying to learn Japanese could at the same time be stupid enough to pay any attention to ad spam. With how hilariously badly worded the spam posts are, it's pretty difficult to make sense of what on earth they are trying to say anyway. :D

    Beeant is definitely a busy person. He has to also work a normal job to pay bills and earn a living, since this site is completely free to use and gets very few donations.

    However, I don't think it is even possible right now for users to simply be given moderator abilities. With the current set up of the site, if Beeant wanted give moderator abilities to someone, I think he might first need to spend a lot of time working on making it possible in the first place. But he already seems extremely busy with life as it is, without having to also work on doing this too. Would be nice though. ^^
  • FelliVox
    I see, I guess we just have to ignore it for now. Although it's true that most people wouldn't fall for this type of advertisement, there is a small percentage of people that are not inmune to it (I know at least a dozen of people that have fallen for this sort of thing). They wouldn't be going around spamming these ads if it didn't bring at least a small amount of profit.

    I could also post something like 'This is a scam, don't even click the link' under all the new spam ads that will most likely be popping up, but that brings up a problem: they would be at the top of the feed again until someone posts something. But at least it would have a warning on it.

    I don't know, simply bearing it is not my style, but I also don't want to trouble beeant and make him even busier.
  • IJamLegend
    haha irony
  • japanaki
    Could not agree more with that. I hope the actual admins of this site do something for this the soonest.
  • beeant
    JCJP have just switched to CloudFlare to reduce the spam posts and comments. I am really sorry for being so late to take action on this serious matter. With this change I hope that there will be some reduction to the spam posts/comments from now on. For more details, please take a look at https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200170066-Will-activating-Cloudflare-stop-all-spammers-or-attackers-
  • mog86uk
    @beeant, Very nice to see some activity on this! It sounds like a bit of a complicated system. It doesn't seem like it would block much of the kind of spam we get, but it will be interesting to see if it works. I really hope it turns out to work well. ^^
  • Yoshipon
    Cool! Really glad to see some action being taken upon this topic, it was feeling as a neglected issue. Thank you for your efforts @beeant o(*>ω<*)o