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So I am attempting to memorize the hiragana and katakana chart how ever I am finding the progress some what slow. So i was thinking to my self that with children learning english we have the alphabet song, and that with this catchy little tune children of the ages of 2-3 often know there ABC's before they even know what they mean. So my question is are there any children's word games or songs that would help with the memorization of ether the hiragana or the katakana? If not then what is the method used for teaching young children?
posted by Vilios

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  • Gituska
    to Vilios:
    I have had the same problem. The mixed test with "abc x katakana x hiragana" is damn good for practicing, but it is a quite difficult test at the begining. I started as an absolute beginner... so I try to write down everything what was helpful to me:
    1) Have you already tried "Katakana song" and "Hiragana song" by genki.japan.net? Check their youtube channel called "GenkiJapanNet" - their educational videos are very easy to remember (especially the one with counting /rapping/ the numbers).

    2) The best way how to remember it - I found a very simple way: you must use it. The most important thing is writing, I think. I helps me to be more familiar with the symbols. It is a much more effective way than just looking at them.
    I recommend you to go this way: JCJP -> Start learning -> Grammar -> Tae Kim's Guide to Japanese Grammar - > Japanese Grammar: the chapter about Hiragana (and Katakana)
    There are the very useful tips and notes in this section. In the hiragana section is mentioned the poem "Iroha" - see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iroha
    There is showed the stike order in these sections too and moreover you can get your pdf practise sheets here.

    Learn one line of the table ( or two) -> try to draw it into the printed pdfs (To be honest, my first hiragana symbols looks like the supreme collection of the chicken hens. BUT it is a damn effective way, really! ) -> then go back to JCJP´s place and do practise in the Hiragana/Katakana practising to gain exps.
  • Vilios
    ありがとう for the tips.


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