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Slime Forest

Who here has heard of this great little game?

A old school RPG styled game with the intent of teaching Japanese, or at the very least help with your character recognition.

in this game you attack slimes as you would in a old school RPG, but the catch is that in order to attack you must first type in the English meaning of the character over the slimes head. (such things as numbers, directions, the kana). if you get it wrong most slimes will actually tell you what it means.

the game isn't finished yet but the free version of the game is out and can be downloaded online.(I'm not going to post the link because it would seem just a little to add like for me).

Just thought I would tell you guys about it, may be good for a little fun.
posted by Vilios

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  • TofuQueen
    I've played it a bit, and it is fun, but...as I remember, it teaches the meaning of the kanji but not the pronunciation, and I want to learn both. Not that I spend much time on kanji anyway because I always feel overwhelmed, but that's a different issue. (~_~)

    It is a fun little game, definitely worth a free download. (^_^)
  • x3ar
    I hear many good things about slime forest, made i need to check it out.
  • Crusoe
    Slime forest is an awesome way to learn to pick up kana (to start with)
  • JanetMerai
    If it helps, I plan and intend to create a modern game about learning Japanese :3
    Check my work out here:

    Right now I am in development with another game but I plan to make a game suited for learning Japanese without bloated Kanji or anything.


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