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Now heres a question for any one who lives in or around the japan area.

What kind of jobs are actualy in demand at this time.

I mean any and all jobs, mainly trades or somthing one would have to have training to do but any info on the current job market would be nice.
posted by Vilios

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  • beeant
    Well for me, I want to be a web developer in Japan (currently a student).
    The demand for web developer seems to be high.

    But if you are a fresh graduate, they care about your skills in your field but it wont affect so much. I heard that they will have a lot of training if you just entered the company.

    I'm sorry, but I don't really know about trading and such,

    On the top of all that, if you want to work in a Japanese Company, you have to be a bilingual in other words, you have to be able to speak Japanese, because the meetings, etc will be in Japanese.

    I also think that, as long as you can speak Japanese fluently, it will be a BIG PLUS for foreigners to find any kind of jobs in Japan.
  • beeant
    Oh ya, I also heard from my friend that if you graduate from a Japanese University, and looking for a job in Japan, some companies in Japan are quite understanding that Japanese is difficult. So, for them, it's still ok, as long as you still want to learn Japanese.

    Anyway, this is based on the informations I got from my friends. I don't have job finding experience yet though, but I have to do that soon!
  • Vilios
    When I say trades I mean things like welding or heavy equipment operator, I also hear that English teachers are in demand right now though why that is i don't know.

    The reason for asking of coarse is that at some point in my life I would like to move to Japan. Now this isn't the kind of think I plan to do tomorrow and so i know i have plenty of time to get ready. one of the things i would like to be able to do is know that i could get a job any asap out there. As I am also planning on getting some job training ( again something that is needed like plumper, or electrician) i would like to make sure it is something that will benefit me in Japan.
  • beeant
    I dont have any idea about welding or heavy equipment.

    well, there are indeed high demand for English teachers, but the number of foreigners who speak English is increasing everyday. So the vacancies maybe getting fewer and fewer.

    If you really want to live in Japan, I would suggest you go to a language school in Japan for about 1-2 years. See what it's like living in Japan, also see it for yourself, what kind of jobs is good and fit for you in Japan.


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