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Do the levels relate to the JLPT in anyway?

If I want to take N2 this year will the kanji here be sufficient?
posted by lastditch

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  • Jordankun
    I would say probably not, considering that the site only has about 2000~ kanji in the lessons area, but I can't say for sure. I would suggest a site like memrise for more specific kanji corresponding to the JLPT levels such as http://www.memrise.com/course/92902/the-ultimate-kanji-course/
    This course contains most, if not all, vocab from JLPT 5 to JLPT 2.
    http://www.memrise.com/course/568/n2-kanji/ This course specifically has N2 kanji.
  • mog86uk
    2000 kanji would be pretty much enough to pass N1! However, that statistic shown on user profile pages is kanji *questions* (not individual unique kanji).

    JCJP teaches 815 unique kanji in the kanji lesson chapters 1 to 80.

    It's difficult to give exact statistics as there are no official lists of JLPT kanji. However, if you go by the unofficial kanji list that online dictionaries like Jisho.org use, here are stats for JLPT kanji taught here on JCJP:

    N5 = 79/79 (100%)
    N4 = 166/166 (100%)
    N3 = 284/367 (77%)
    N2 = 182/367 (50%)
    N1 = 97/1232 (8%)

    N5+N4+N3+N2 = 711/979 (73%)

    The unofficial kanji list used by Jisho.org and many other sites is the one created by the following site: http://www.tanos.co.uk/jlpt/
  • rikorin
    That is such a bummer. I should've pay attention. I thought I'll be able to learn some new kanji eventually, but it seems that I already know more than this site teaches.
    Do you have any plans on increasing the number of kanji?