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How do I memorise Japanese Hiragana ad Katakana?

Okay, I know I'm a beginner but I can barely memorise the vowels of Hiragana!
I'm sorry if I sound really dumb right now but I seriously can't! It is really difficult for me.

Any suggestions or tips? They would be SUPER helpful right now.
posted by Pheonix81

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  • Pheonix81
    Never mind, I found a trick to it. It is really helpful now.
    Sorry 'bout that.
  • 5rree5
    Search for "Hiragana mnemonics". It will be surpisingly helpful!
    Also, reading words in hiragana is essencial to practice - even if you've just started!
  • 5rree5
    For example, は appears the H with an a and the bottom, and it's HA!
    ぬ Appears someone picking a noodle(NU) with chopsticks.
    ん appears obviously an N
  • 5rree5
    I learnt through memrise, in one of the basic japanese courses - it had hiragana, katakana, basic words and some verb conjugation.
    This was the course I took: http://www.memrise.com/course/80119/learn-basic-japanese/
  • Reyneese
    in the beginning when I learnt, I practise writing it daily.. to reinforce memory. Meanwhile, reading, learning it along with friends or through online chat, 'using' them it helps reinforce your memory too.
  • Megs302
    I learned Hiragana and Katakana a long time ago on a app called kanafree. I just read them over and over and over again while saying aloud the pronunciation. Really I can't figure out how to do it any better other than making up some story. Like と(to) looks like it's a toe with a thorn in it. (kinda freaky but I can remember it best when it's freaky) Once you learn Hiragana, Katakana will be SO easy because it almost looks the same just with a few changes and sharper edges. If it's pronunciation it's much like Spanish pronunciation. All I's are eeee and all e's are ehhh all a's are ahhh all u's are oooooo and all o's are ohhh.
  • Jinxu
    I learned years ago through a program that was a very basic method of rote memorization. Definitely write them out and practice using them. Eventually, you'll get so used to them that it'll be like riding a bicycle!

    In the meantime, I saved this just for someone that might find this useful. A set of both hiragana and katakana games: http://genkienglish.net/genkijapan/hiragana1.htm
  • thehairdude
    I carried around a few JP books and a notebook with the kana charts taped into the covers and simply wrote away during my free time
  • Bkevlar
    You could buy some exercise books... or you can use some flashcard's apps. I prefered to write a lot of time the same letter on papers for days and days... but this took me a lot of time