Busyness or Laziness?

So I came back to this site after a good 3 months of neglect and occasional skimming, and I realised just how bad I am at staying consistent in language learning. I have a horrible tendency to get to a certain point in a language (beginner/upper beginner to intermediate) and then, oops. It starts with one tired or sick day and I'm never seen or heard from again. Happened with French, Latin, Chinese, Korean... I think I tried learning about runes one time... The point is, I'm never successful. Even Japanese, which I've been studying off and on to the best of my ability for nearly 2 years, and which I've put the most effort in.

It's obviously my fault, and the best thing to do would be to muscle through slow days and study anyway, but what a bland way to end a forum post. If anyone wants to complain about a similar problem, or give advice, or just complain in general, that'd make my day/week/month/year.

Also I wanna add that I really like this site's community. I never really post anything, but forum skimming is one of the things that draws me back to my neglected studying routine.
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  • Nanairo
    I've been learning Japanese off and on for about 7 years now.. I know exactly how it is :( Fortunately, I /finally/ found a goal! So now I'm trying to tackle kanji, which was very intimidating before.

    Also, I switched my pc and my phone over to Japanese a couple of days ago. I found that I'm reading the katakana and hiragana a bit faster every day, since I did the switch. I'm also looking up kanji more actively, and hoping that this newly discovered site will help as well!

    Good luck in your studies, and don't forget to practice speaking the language as well!

  • jennyhannb
    Learning another language is very difficult for me
  • lindarose11
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  • wigglysquire
    Are you studying for N1 on Memrise?
  • miharusshi
    Duuude, I have the same problem. Not exactly something to celebrate, but yeah. Here's a pat on the shoulders. And now I'm even trying to juggle both Japanese and Korean. These days I find myself more actively engaging in Korean, as I dabbled in subbing videos here and there and talking with natives online (even though I'm still nowhere immediately level, IMHO). Nonetheless, I still have that big interest in both languages that my notes to self to study everyday are always in the back in my head. But I always try not to beat myself up for it (er, the seemingly lack of progress in either languages), as I see that I somehow still do the best I could at any given moment. And I still tell myself to do even better. ^^
  • phodogo
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  • thutrangctp
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  • BryGuy
    I also relate to studying languages, and then sluggishness or other concerns get in the way.

    The best way I have found to combat this is to make a goal of studying a language (in my case now, Japanese), every day, but just for a short time - say, 15 minutes.

    Then, if I only drill vocabulary or practice writing for 15 minutes, I've met my goal. More often than not, I go on to study for a longer time - up to an hour or two.

    If you miss day, then what? Not to worry, just resume studying for 15 minutes a day as soon as you can.

    It works for me. On really slow days, I just review what I already have learned. On more ambitious days I take on learning new things.

    Good luck.


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