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How do you memorise kanji’s onyomi and kunyomi?

Hey out there.

It is pretty easy for me to memorise the meaning of a kanji, but I always fail in remembering their readings.

Any smart tricks?
posted by NihonNoHon

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  • qixzie
    Yes there are.

    1. Don't learn all of them, cuz they don't either. (heck they don't even use all of them) http://www.yamasa.org/ocjs/kanjidic.nsf/SearchKanji3 only shows readings that are learned up to high school.

    2. Realize that Kun'yomi are just words, simply memorizing the pronunciation of المدرسة الثانوية isn't going to help you all that much now is it? Thus only focus on a Kun'yomi if you already know the word. (luckily most online learning platforms keep track in some way or an other which kanji and which words you have seen so this goes somewhat automatically)

    3. on'yomi is important, you'll find them everywhere: 本, 本当, 本棚, 本物, etc. These are useful to learn alongside their kanji since on'yomi is primarily used in one kanji words or compound words in which the meaning of the word heavily relies on the meaning of the kanji.

    4. have a look at http://www.kanjidamage.com/kanji_facts
    at the very least, read that page. They have a kanji dictionary of their own but it uses even less readings that the one i linked at the start. But they do have good mnemonic.
  • phodogo
    Thanks Qixzie.