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Where to find hiragana only manga??

I'd like to practice reading and understanding some japanese (even if it's still above my level by a lot) but i can't find manga using only hiragana. Kanji is really hard, okay? All i can find is furigana, which, to my understanding, is when you write a kanji character, and then write the kana for it after?? What??
posted by Soph1931

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  • qixzie
    furigana is hiragana on top of the kanji to give you the proper reading. Have a look at: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/
    It's a Japanese news site using simple language and furigana.
  • shelby3
  • MyAnime
  • Nakimiso
    you can always find more childish manga, which will have furigana (kana above the kanji) from there all you need to do is a simple dictionary search for the kanji and go from there. The grammar is usually a lot more basic too, like anime :p
  • peggycaii
    I try to go for shoujo manga, usually furigana is what i consider to be ”only hiragana"
  • Arc1297
    It's probably hard to read, if you can at all. You should look up why Japanese uses Kanji.
  • meikonishi
    If you're open to mediums other than manga, I highly suggest playing some RPG games like pokemon or naruto RPG etc. They come in fully hiragana