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How to improve kana reading speed?

I know all the kana, but when I read them out loud, I read like, "Gen-ki desu. Anata wa? Zek-zek-kou-ch-chou desu." I keep stuttering. Haha! But when I read them in my mind I'm fine. :) Except when I read them out loud, I'm unbearably slow. Any tips for to improve my reading speed? (both mentally and verbally) Thank you. :)
posted by Ran08

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  • beeant
    As for my experience, I think it's a matter of getting used to reading them.
    Keep on challenging yourself to do Vocabulary practice on JCJP (maybe with the autoplay sound turned on),
    you will gradually get used to reading kana as you keep on trying to read them to find the answer.
  • Aarowaim
    The way that I mastered hiragana was by using a site with similar methods to this one; http://realkana.com. Mastering kana recognition was my first major step to a working japanese fluency, and I can only thank the 20 minutes or so every night on realkana for my reasonable kana reading speed.... I still need to get used to pronouncing aloud quickly though >.<
  • AoNatsu
    Try watching some Japanese shows as well. When you hear how the sounds are formed and watch native speakers facial movements as they talk, you can start to mimic them, just as you did as a child learning English.