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Kanji practice sheets

I made up some kanji practice sheets since Im having trouble. Heres a JPEG of what it looks like if anyone wants the file let me know and I can send it to you.
Kanji practice sheets
posted by Saiya

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  • killa37
    hey can you send it to me
    here's my email [email protected]
  • PitFall
    Just my personal experience, but it might be better to try to remember the kanji not as a whole character, but as separate characters put together. For example, the kanji 何 is loosely made of a 人, 口 and 丁. In Chinese, it belongs to the 人 branch along with other kanji like 休, 使, 侍. Hope it helps :)
  • shairn
    To elaborate on Pitfall's recommendation, I would recommend in turn that you go through Heisig's "Remembering the kanji". It uses a similar technique to teach 2042 kanji and helps you memorize them a lot more easily.
  • Saiya
    For me its fun to draw the kanji out and add the strokes. There is something to be said for becoming intimately familiar with its construction and how each mark interacts with the next. It is different than just seeing a symbol on a page all the time and the kanji truly does look different if the strokes are not done properly.
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  • henrymosley
    One of the best ways to learn Kanji is to practice writing them yourself. You can find Kanji practice sheets online or in Japanese Language textbooks. One way to use them is to trace the characters with a pencil first, and then try writing with https://paperhelp.nyc/ on your own. Or, you can try writing them from memory. Another idea is to use the practice sheets to create your own Kanji flashcards. One side of the card can have the character, and the other side can have the meaning. You can also include example sentences or words that use the Kanji. Practice writing Kanji often, and you'll be able to remember them better. Soon you'll be writing like a pro!
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