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Manually marking kanji/vocabulary

I recently came with a idea what should be nice for this site.

How about when you're in practice mode you can manually mark kanji/vocabulary with a checkbox, so you can control what vocabulary/kanji are shown in practice mode or not?

Example of a question you answered correctly ([X] = checkbox):
Answer Correct
EXP +9
look for, search
[Learn more about 探す]
[X] I know this

Checkbox enabled:
- You know this item, so it won't show up on practice mode anymore (or atleast rarely).

Checkbox disabled:
- Normal. This item will show up in practice mode like how it is now.

Additionally, make a stat show on your profile that shows how many items (kanji/vocabulary) you have marked as known, and when you click on it, you will see a whole list of items that you know.

Good idea?
Let me know about your opinions.
posted by WillemStyle

Comments 3

  • PitFall
    I don't really think that's a good idea. It kinda misses out on the main point of "practice". Even our native languages will get rusty if we don't use them for long enough. Vote: against.
  • Medyrius
    I agree with pitafall-san that the real motive for practice is to revise everything you're supposed to have learnt... Denakereba, it may just run out from your memory without you noticing it...

    I think the level settings are fairly enough for filtering questions in practice mode... It's pretty well organized while picking words randomly could be a little bit messy...

    If it's for the question one's answered right 30+ times and that don't generate exp anymore, well, maybe something like that could be done and then we could have a tab associated to it in the practice settings, so you can focus on those from time to time...
    But personally I'd prefer the application to do it automatically rather than having to checkbox every single item...
  • Saiya
    I get where Willemstyle senpai is coming from. Right now since i just hit lvl 3 im getting most of the practice questions wrong because I havent seen them before so there are some downfalls of the leveling system. This site is amazing though and can I think become even better in the long run. I plan on donating the moment I can afford to.