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Regarding multiple choise questions

While I like the idea of multiple choise questions for more relaxed learning, I would also prefer to have a open question practice mode.

Here I mean a practice mode where you actually have to type exactly the meaning of every vocabulary/kanji question that pops up.
This way, you'll remember every question more detailed.

There are many times I don't know what something means, but out of all 4 choises I get with multiple choise, I can most of the times guess the right answer. This gives me reward for knowing the question, while actually I just guessed it.

Is it possible to have a open question practice module for in the future?
I would really love that :)
posted by WillemStyle

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  • shairn
    I like this way in that it's much more forgiving than an open question. If I don't know the answer, I can look at the kanji and deduce it by their meanings. I will agree though that often you'll end up simply associating an answer to a question, but that depends on your determination to actually learn rather than simply accumulate points.

    And yes I do realize the irony in that last sentence.
  • Akamaru012
    Know what's funny? There's a textbox below the multiple choices where you can type in the answer yourself. All the admin needs to do is to implement the hide function to the multiple choices.
  • gboschen
    Has anyone noticed that sometimes the same answer is represented twice as a choice. This is annoying as all get out. I've had several vocab words or kanji that I know well that its telling me I need work on. Insert cussing like a sailor here ;)