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Small but helpful idea: Colouring vocabulary parts.

I recently came with a idea, what makes learning Japanese vocabulary much easier: Colouring parts.
Code-technical, if it's very hard to implement I can lend a hand in giving some tips to make it easier to do.

Anyways, the idea is very simple.
For example, we take the following sentence: 私の猫はかわいい動物ですね

私 = noun (i), color: blue
の = particle (posessive), color: purple
猫 = noun (cat), color: blue
は = particle (topic marker), color: purple
かわいい = adjective (cute), color: green
動物 = noun (animal), color: blue
です = auxiliary (to be), color: light red
ね = end-sentence particle (isn't it?), color: light-purple

This way, we can easily learn the grammar by understanding sentences much easier.
Please let me know what you think of the idea :)
posted by WillemStyle