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Sharing videos in forums

My name is Wes and I work on Japanese language instruction videos that I post on You Tube. I do not monetize those videos and so make no money off them. The videos are an effort by several people who just want to share in the experience and the culture of the Japanese language study community, or pilgrims, as I call us. The reason I am writing this is because in the past I have had people get mad at me for posting links in their forums. I just made a video where I discussed this issue as well as several other matters. If you have any thoughts on this, or could give me another perspective, please swing by. I will post a link to the video. If you point your mouse pointer at the upper right hand corner of the video during the first 10 seconds of play, and click the link, it will jump you to the relevant part. Otherwise you will have to listen to me babble for about 10 minutes about other Japanese language video related matters .

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