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VOCALOID fandom members~

Hi~ I'm a former utaite (who got her account suspended and who will be making more covers soon www), so I was wondering if there were other people like me ;; w ;; Is anybody here part of the Vocaloid fandom? Any utaite, odorite, etc? If so, what's your youtube, deviantart, niconico, etc? <333

And what are your favorite vocaloids / songs? Q u Q

I personally love Yuzuki Yukari and the Kagamine Twins. And my favorite songs are "Electric Magic" by 8#Prince and "Cloud Rider" <333 My favorite odorite is Marron and my favorite utaite is 96Neko ;D
posted by loli_teachan

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  • barusamikosu
    I'm a fan. I really enjoy the Project Diva games, especially Project Diva F (enjoyed the game enough to get it on both PS3 and Vita). I can play Hard mode, but Extreme is still pretty tricky.

    Favorite Vocaloid is Miku. Favorite songs include Strobo Nights (livetune), Distorted Princess (8#Prince), and Unhappy Refrain (wowaka).
  • 13eastwood
    My favorite vocaloid is Hatsune Miku dan favorite song is when first love is end, redial, tell your world and love is war
  • sese74420
    i love vocaloid *^* hatsune miku is my fave! the song world is mine is so awesome!!
  • Laserbeak43
    I remember when vocaloid was just a cheesy male or female voice. back in early 2000 or so. now it's some big japanese pop culture deal and i'm curious as to why that's so....
  • Peacherine
    YES! I'm an odottemita fan! I try to dance too, but I've only learned a couple so far. I'm trying to learn where the popular places to film dance covers are so that when I go to Japan I can visit them and hopefully see some familiar people! o((*^▽^*))o

    I don't have any dance videos of myself posted or anything, but I do have a playlist of my favorite odottemita videos (and several awesome anime soundtrack playlists! and I also post anime piano sheet music I transcribe...) on youtube, which is here:

    → http://www.youtube.com/user/kiltlove?feature=guide

    Not strictly Vocaloid or anything, but my favorite dances are Bad Apple, Happy Synthesizer, Cloud Rider, Just be Friends, ZiggZagg, Heart Beats, Rimokon... I'm probably missing a few! My favorite dancers are Butsdankamen, Tadanon, Arsmagna, Kazuaoao, Team ★ Ryuuseigun, Wata, and Apricot~

    I'm not super knowledgeable about Vocaloid in particular, but I'd say my favorite would probably be Luka. She's even on my phone case, since I really love how she looks in Just be Friends~