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FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club? :'D

Yo yo yo~ <3 Just wanted to know if anybody here watches Free! Iwatobi Swim Club~ I'm so in love with the series that I probably come off as crazy to all of my friends. It's been super popular in Japan, and I figured that maybe I should share the love on JCJP as well-- now that I'm back.

So, my little fishies, what's goin on? If you have watched, feel free (unintentional pun, pff) to make a discussion. Here's some questions for you c:

1. Who is your favorite character? //Mine is Haruka Nanase of course <3 Followed by Rin and Makoto.
2. Favorite Pairing? //RinHaru, HaruWater, and GouSei ^_^
3. Favorite part about the show? //I enjoy the angst and the deep connections the characters have with each other. I feel that that's actually the best part. While the plot is a bit iffy and obvious, I feel that the character development is what really brought the magic in.
FREE! Iwatobi Swim Club? :'D
posted by loli_teachan

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  • Annick
    It's super popular on Tumblr as well XD. I watched it ^^ just like most of my friends. It's like Kuroko no Basket with more fan service.
    1. Haruka
    2. Never thought about pairing, Hm..I would say the same as yours...
    3. Mackerel related parts..and swimming ...
    Rei doing Free style.
  • GoldenRoses
    I love anime too, so I was wondering why you like this anime so much? Ive heard that this is really good among people, so is it worth the watch? If you liked this, I recommend Big Windup! This is a baseball anime, but still has the same personalities among the characters! ^-^
  • gyuu
    1. Makoto <3
    2. I don't really look into pairings, but... If I had to choose... I saw this very convincing MakoHaru AMV a while back... ;;; AHAHA
    3. I love the bromance!! Basically the same thing you said. I also love the art style and the way there's so much emphasis on Haru's eyes. They're beautiful when they sparkle and stuff. xD I'd say the art and the soundtrack played a major role in making me feel good about summer, too. Hahaha the whole atmosphere of Free is also something that I love.