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Top 5 most unique first names in Japan

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017 at 19:49

Japan has variety of first names

Japan has variety of first names. The total number of first names in Japan is more than 300,000. However the 5 most popular first names which are Sato, Suzuki,Takahashi, Tanaka and Ito occupies in total 7.5 million people. Therefore there are few top ranker family names which occipies a larger number of population and many minor family names which only occupies very little population.

Japanese family name system was imported from china in old days. Long time ago, most of Japanese family names were named after the name of places where he or she lived. For example, Chiba is famous for the name of prefecture, but also famous for the popular family name.
At Edo era , family names became a trophy given by imperial family or Shogun general of Tokugawa shogunate. Therefore normal citizens are not allowed to speak his family name in public.
As time comes closer to today, even normal citizens were allowed to officially own family names.

As I have already pointed out, the origin of Japanese family names are the names or special feature of the places they lived. Therefore there are vast kinds of family names in japan.
In this article, I would like to introduce you some of very unique first names.

No.5 回り道 / Mawarimichi

This family name is very unique because this family name contains Hiragana in it.
Usually, Japanese family name consists of Kanji only.

The origin of this name is the name of place "廻り道" in Wakayama prefecture. (廻 is the same with 回 in meaning)
There are only around 5 回り道 family in Japan.

No.4 東京 / Tokyo

As you can see already, this name is exactly the name of the capital city of Japan.

By the way, Tokyo family actually lives in Osaka.

No.3 辺銀 / Pengin (sounds exactly the same with Penguin)

This name used to be for the immigrant family long time ago.
Pengin (Penguin) families actually lives in tropical area of Japan, Okinawa prefecture.

No.2 駅 / Eki (means station)

This kanji 駅 means station.
This family name is for someone who used to work for transporting job.
There are around 20 people with this family name.

No.1 悪虫 / あくむし (means "bad insect")

悪虫 means bad insect. The origin of this family name is unknown.
But there are 10 悪虫 people in Japan.


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  • DragonR33UA
    And where are number 2 and 3?

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Top 5 most unique first names in Japan
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