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4 most stupid crimes in Japan

Matome Funny Stuffs
Friday, February 03, 2017 at 19:57

Really bizarre crimes do happen in Japan

Stupid Crimes
Stupid Crimes
Even though Japan is generally said to be a safe country. Around 100,000 people are arrested every year. There are many crimes happening all around Japan everyday.
Some of them are serious crime, some of them are small offense. But other than that, simply weird and stupid crime occurs.

Let me introduce you some of these most stupid crime ever happened in Japan!

1. A guy was arrested for throwing his feces packed in a plastic bag onto a girls head

Tatsuya Moriguchi (39) was arrested for throwing his own feces packed in a plastic bag onto a girl of her 20s who was on her way home from part time job.
According Moriguchi's statement, he "prepared" feces by himself.
On the same day, Moriguchi commited the same crime throwing his own feces early in the morning.

He turned himself saying "My job irritated me so much. I never met her. I turned myself in because I thought I cannot get away with it."

2. A guy shoplifted a phone and get back to the shop later claiming that phone isn't connected to internet

There is a guy who shoplifted a smartphone at phone shop. He successfully stole it, but he found that he cannot make phone call or browse websites without contract with phone shop.
The problem is he was too stupid that he returned to the phone shop where he shoplifted and said "I cannot use the phone sold here!".
He literally turned himself in. The phone shop was already aware that a phone was stolen.
As a matter of course, he was arrested right away!

3. A 64-year-old guy disguised himself as women and tried to enter hot spring for women and got caught

Hot spring
Hot spring
A 64-years-old guy disguised himself as women by making himself up, using wig and covering his private parts with towels.
But as he takes bath he started to get sweat that peeled off his make up. And moreover ladies around him in the bath noticed his beard.
He was arrested on the spot at the hot spring.

According to his statement, he wanted to enjoy hot spring with ladies.

These "disguise as women and enter women's bathroom" case happens many times.
Almost all of them make the same statement which is "I just wanted to enjoy hot spring with ladies".

4. A teacher stole cashes and run away, but stumbled in front of the police box and got caught

A 25-year-old male elementary school teacher was arrest for stealing money from a person sat next to him at restaurant.
The victim noticed that his money was stolen and tried to catch him. He tried to run away from the victim only to end up with stumbling right in front of police box.
He was arrested on the spot. He was also got fired from his job as well.

According to his statement, he enjoyed shopping too much and became penniless.



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4 most stupid crimes in Japan
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