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Best 4 most interesting factory tour in Japan

Matome Culture & Lifestyle
Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 19:23

It is such a fun to take a tour for factories

JAL factory tour
JAL factory tour
Source: Twitter
Factory tour is pretty common in Japan these days. It is not sure that which company started to open its factory for the first time in Japan and when, however it is so popular to take factory tour now.
Sometimes factory tour is introduced into elementary school curriculum as well.
On the other hand, factory tour on alcohol industries such as beer and whisky are called "factory tour for adults". Factory tour for adult is popular among weekend fun or curriculum for company employee education program.

Factory is the fruits of company's continuous effort to make better products. You can learn how daily products around you are made and how efficiently they are made.
Some factory offers special souvenir for you to bring back home for free. You can buy special goods at the end of factory tour too.
In most cases, you can enjoy factory tour for free.

Now let's take a look at the best 4 factory tour in Japan!!!

1. JAL (Japan Airlines) factory tour

成田・羽田遠征⑤ 1/31 HND
また機会があれば参加したいです(写真は掲載許可済) https://t.co/eAapeyfGow
Ryota Toyoda@toyotamasan
JALの工場見学。圧倒的で最高でした。人生で見ておく価値は 絶対にある😎 https://t.co/GE0oLtiyfO
Archives of aircraft history
Archives of aircraft history
Source: Jal.co.jp
Aviation class
Aviation class
Source: Jal.co.jp
Hanger tour
Hanger tour
Source: jal.co.jp
JAL offers you a 100-min factory tour which includes a hanger tour.
You can apply JAL factory tour from official website.
The factory tour includes
・Tour on JAL history archives area
・Introduction on the job of JAL
・JAL employee cosplay
・Experience on the new products and services
・Aviation class
・Hanger tour
This factory tour is completely free of charge.
If you like aircraft and interested in how they are made, this tour should be the best choice for you.
Even if you are not such a big fan of aircraft, it should be overwhelming experience to take a look at gigantic aircraft in the incredibly high-roofed hanger.

Nissin Foods Cup Noodle factory tour at Cupnoodles Museum

Chicken Ramen experience
Chicken Ramen experience
Cupnoodles experience
Cupnoodles experience
Nissin Foods group invest heavily on the factory tour. They built a special building for factory tour in Yokohama city.
Fully designed and produced by famous producer Kashiwa Sato.

At Cupnoodles Museum, You can learn the history of Nissin cupnoodles and you can try to make make cupnoodle and chicken ramen for yourself.
It is very interesting that you make the cupnoodle and chicken ramen from flour and see noodle being fried.
At the end of tour, you can bring the chicken ramen you made back to your home as souvenir.

The cost is
Cupnoodles Experience: 500 JPY
Chicken Ramen Experience: Junior High students or older: 500 JPY
~ elementary students: 300 JPY

Suntory group factories tour (Beer/Whisley/Wine)


人気の見学スポットで、予約キャンセル待ちでなんとか行けましたv(o´ з`o)♪

試飲もできて満足感(*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ https://t.co/8nkZD3pneA
また家でやろうと思う https://t.co/Yz95DHHtL2
めっちゃ楽しかった。 https://t.co/DYBtfI0GLI
Suntory group offers factory tours for beer/whiskey/wine at each factory located each different places.

Beer: Tokyo, Kyoto, Kumamoto prefectures
Whiskey: Osaka. Yamanashi prefectures
Wine: Yamanashi prefecture

Each factory lets you see how each alcoholic products are being made from ingredients to the complete products.
For example, Yamazaki whiskey factory at Osaka prefecture lets you learn the history of Japanese whiskey and you can enjoy the taste of Yamazaki whiskey in the end.
For details, you can refer to the following official website.

Yuasa soy sauce factory tour

久々にここにも行きたい。醤油発祥の地・和歌山県の湯浅。湯浅醤油さんには以前に一度工場見学したなあ。 http://t.co/ub3bgnZi0A
【工場見学①】夏休みの終わりに伺った湯浅醤油工場の様子です!この状態の醤油は、お味噌のような味でした。 曳野ゼミはこのように、先生のツテで色々な工場見学に出掛けるアクティブなゼミです(^^) http://t.co/fShNlsTn
Yuasa soy sauce factory
Yuasa soy sauce factory
This one is an unique factory tour.
If you live in Japan or go to Japanese restaurants, you will inevitably enjoy soy sauce.
But do you have any idea how soy sauce being made?
Yuasa soy sauce factory at Wakayama prefecture lets you have complete tour of how soy sauce being made.

Yuasa soy sauce company is not a big company such as Kikkoman. However it is famous for making quality tasty real soy sauce.
Recent mass-produced soy source is merely a mixed liquid of low quality residue of soybean and alcohol.
However Yuasa soy sauce produces genuine tradition soy sauce.

At the end of the tour, you can taste the freshly made soy source.
醤油発祥の地 和歌山県湯浅町から最高の醤油をお届けします。杉樽を使った昔ながらの製法で最高の醤油を最高の職人が醸造し、世界一をめざして頑張っています。また、工場(蔵)見学や食育事業では年間10万人以上の方にご参加いただいております。メディア紹介多数。モンドセレクション受賞。
工場見学 | 湯浅醤油有限会社|世界一の醤油をつくりたい



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