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Hidden secrets in the logo of 3 Japanese companies

Matome Culture & Lifestyle
Friday, February 24, 2017 at 15:55

Company logo is usually well thought and designed and sometimes has its secret

Company logo is literally the symbol of the company. Usually every company meditate on this to make the best fit company logo.
Company logo is directly connected to the image of the company.
If you see a half eaten apple, it reminds you of the Apple Inc..
If you see ✔ sign, maybe it will reminds you of Nike.

And many company logos often have their secrets.
For example, let's take a look at the logo mark of "Toblerone" that is a chocolate company at Switzerland.
Toblerone logo mark
Toblerone logo mark
Toblerone is based on Switzerland. Specifically Bern.
Bern is also known as " A city of bear", thus there is a white bear drawn in this logo.
Did you notice it???
Toblerone's hidden bear
Toblerone's hidden bear
As you can see, there are sometimes hidden secrets.

In this article, let's take a look these hidden secrets of the logo mark of Japanese company!!

7-Eleven’s logo / The last "n" of eleven is small letter

7-Eleven's logo
7-Eleven's logo
Take a look at this logo carefully.
Even though the size is almost the same, the last "n" is written in the small letter.

The reason of this is unclear, because there are no written documents or records for this.
Let me introduce 2 several possible reasons for this.
1. The first possible reason for this is that the wife of the founder advised her husband to use small letter "n" on account of the beauty of the design.
Other "ELEVE" parts are the combination of straight lines.
Therefore she might think that curved design of "n" would make the entire logo looks even better.
2. The second possible reason for this is that trademark right problem.
"7 ELEVEN"'s trademark right might have already be taken by somebody and forced to change something. And ended up making "n" small letter.

Anyway, even though I see 7-eleven everyday in the city, I did not notice it until now.
Did you know it already??

Kirin Beer's logo / hidden "キ" "リ" "ン" letters

Kirin Beer's logo
Kirin Beer's logo
Kirin Beer is one of the most famous Beer brand in Japan and in the world.
If you like to drink beer, you might have seen this logo so many times.
But here is a secret of Kirin Beer's logo.
The Katakana letter "キ" "リ" "ン" (Ki, Ri, N) are hidden on the body of this illustration of 麒麟 ( legendary Chinese animal with a single horn).

Did you notice them??
Here is the answer...

The answer for Kirin Beer's secret
The answer for Kirin Beer's secret

Meiji Milk / Hidden "meiji" letters and a world map

Meiji Dairies Corporation is the number one dairy company in Japan.
And two most famous milk products of Meiji Dairies are "おいしい牛乳" and "明治牛乳".

A Secret is hidden in the design of the milk package of "明治牛乳" (Meiji Milk).
Now, please try to find our "meiji" letters and world map in this milk package!!
Meiji milk package
Meiji milk package

Did you find it???
Here is the answer for you!
Meiji milk Logo's secret
Meiji milk Logo's secret


There are many company logos in the world. And many of them have their secrets.
When you have time, maybe it is interesting to take a look at the logos around you to find out new secret of logo marks.



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