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Fun things to do at Narita International Airport

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Saturday, February 25, 2017 at 11:40

Narita Airpot is the biggest international airport in Japan

Narita Airport at night
Narita Airport at night
Narita Airport is officially called Narita International Airport. It is located southeast area of Narita city of Chiba prefecture. Narita Airport is a international hub airport for international and domestic flights.
IATA (International Air Transport Association) designates Narita Airport as Level 3 crowded airport.

Entire sites of Narita Airport is 1090 ha big which is No.2 biggest size in Japan. (No.1 is Haneda Airport).
There are 2 airstrips. A airstrip is 4000m length and 60m width and B airstrip is 2500m length and 60 width.
It is operated 24/365, but taking off and landing hours are 6:00 ~ 23:00 (24:00) taking the surrounding inhabitants' lifecycle into consideration.

Although Narita Airport is famous for being a hub airport of Japan. However, to tell the truth, the construction of Narita Airport is not yet complete even after 35 years have passed since it started to operate.
Narita Airport is airport version of Sagrada Família just like Yokohama station.

Narita Airport has 3 terminal buildings. The 1st and 2nd terminal buildings are for legend airlines such as JAL, ANA, DELTA or many other famous airlines.
The 3rd terminal building is mainly used for LCC airlines such as vanilla air.

In this article, I would like to introduce you the 5 must-see spots of Narita Airport!

1. Study about history and science of Airplane at Museum of Aeronautical Science

Exhibition at Airplane at Museum of Aeronautical Science
Exhibition at Airplane at Museum of Aeronautical Science
East wing of Airplane at Museum of Aeronautical Science
East wing of Airplane at Museum of Aeronautical Science
Airplane at Museum of Aeronautical Science is located 15min away from Narita Airport by bus.
It is the first museum of aviation.

It is a five-storied building.
Airplanes are exhibited on the 1st and 2nd floor including Bowing 747-400 prototype that you can manipulate with simulator.
You can take a look at A airstrip of Narita Airport.
There is a restaurant on the 4th floor.
And you can take a look at planes taking off and landing at 5th floor.

You can get Airplane at Museum of Aeronautical Science by taking bus from Narita airport.

2. Enjoy shopping unique stationeries at "TRAVELLER'S FACTORY"

Schedule book and tape
Schedule book and tape
Brand bag
Brand bag
Souvenir goods
Souvenir goods
TRAVELLER'S FACTORY opened its first branch at Terminal 1 of Narita Airport in 2014.
TRAVELLER'S FACTORY sells stationary goods which makes your trip even more better. And it also sells souvenir of Japan.

If you are looking for Japan-original goods, I recommend you to visit there!

3. Observation Deck

2017.2.21 東京遠征2日目
成田空港第2ターミナル 展望デッキ
成田空港で穂乃果ちゃんがいた展望デッキに来た。なるほど、色んな国から飛行機がやって来ていると思うと、凄いなと思う #lovelive
Observation Deck is definitely a must-see spots in every airport.
If you visit there, you can enjoy watching international flights taking off and landing and parking as well.
You are free to take photos of airplanes. And restaurants are located on the same floor to enjoy eating after watching airplanes.

Observation Deck is located at
5th floor at Terminal 1 and 4th floor of Terminal 2.

4. Buying Peanuts Monaka (最中) at Yoneya as souvenirs

Chiba prefecture is famous for peanuts production.
Therefore, there is a famous souvenir of peanuts sweets.
That is Yoneya's Monaka.
Peanuts Monaka (最中)
Peanuts Monaka (最中)
Peanuts Monaka
Peanuts Monaka
Monaka (最中) is one of the most famous Japanese sweets.
Monaka (最中?) is a Japanese sweet made of azuki bean jam filling sandwiched between two thin crisp wafers made from mochi. The jam can be made from azuki beans but also with sesame seed, chestnuts, or rice cake (Mochi).

Modern monaka can also be eaten filled with ice cream.

The wafers can be square, triangular, or may be shaped like cherry blossoms, chrysanthemums and so on.

Monaka is a type of dessert (wagashi) which is served with tea. There are still many very famous monaka specialty stores in Japan.

Source: Wikipedia
This peanuts monaka is pretty famous as Japanese souvenir.

You can buy this at "Omiyage Plaza" shop which is located at the4th floor of Terminal 2.
The location of Omiyage Plaza
The location of Omiyage Plaza
成田空港の空港店舗BLUE SKY(ブルースカイ)に関する情報です。人気の空弁や空パン、お土産や空スイーツなどを取り揃えおります。
Shopping area of Narita Airport | Official website

5. Enjoy shopping at SHISUI PREMIUM OUTLETS®

SHISUI PREMIUM OUTLETS is one of the most famous and biggest outlet shopping mall in Japan.
SHISUI PREMIUM OUTLETS is located approximately 15 minutes away from the Narita Airports by car.

If you want to kill time before your flight, you can visit here to enjoy shopping or window shopping!
The outlet closest to the Narita Airport, and easily accessible from the Tokyo city center. A multitude of Japanese brand names await you for an fulfilling shopping experience.



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