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Best 3 power spots in Tokyo to charge your body with energy

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Friday, March 03, 2017 at 20:04

What are power spots?

natural power spot
natural power spot
Source: zozonews.com
"Power spot" means "a location where the power of the earth swells".
It originally meant spiritual concept. Locations such as shrines or temples that people believe that some spiritual power. However, the definition of power spots are stretched recently. And now, high-rise towers or buildings are called to be a power spots such as Tokyo Skytree, since nice views from there are said to give people power.

The belief in power spots was born back in Edo era or earlier.
In old days, it is believed that only well trained monks can get spiritual powers from temples, shrines or nature. However, ordinary people started to visit "Three mountains of Kumano (熊野三山)" to get spiritual powers. At that time, people started to believe that anybody goes there can get spiritual powers without hard training.
In Japan, many people visit temples or shrines at the first 3 days of a new year as hatsumoude (初詣). Hatsumoude is also a kind of visiting power spots.

Even though, Japanese people don't have strong faith in religions, somehow they love to visit power spots.
Maybe they believe in religious powers subconsciously.

In this article, I would like to introduce you best 3 power spots in Tokyo!

Okunitama Shrine / 大國魂神社(おおくにたまじんじゃ)

Okunitama Shrine is located Fuchu area of Tokyo. This place has nice spiritual power of the nature.

Compared with temples, shrines usually have longer history. However, Okunitama Shrine is so special among them.
This shrine was built 1,900 years ago. This place has been known as one of the "5 best shrines " along with Meiji Jingu Shrine, Tokyo daijingu shrine, Nisshi Shrine, Yasukuni shrine.

This shrine is said to protect the people around this shrine. It means this shrines protects people living in Tokyo. And this place is also famous for the power to get you girlfriend/boyfriend.
【大國魂神社】2017年3月3日 東京五社の一つ。昔から東京と埼玉を見守ってきた神社。厄除け・縁結びのご利益があるという。 (@ 大國魂神社 in 府中市, 東京都) https://t.co/7kfYRoVmzq https://t.co/IeuKKNU5IB
Kosuke Aiba@workout_Kou3
東京五社 大國魂神社にやってきた。 https://t.co/GfnSo54srT
府中に用事があったのでちはやふるのロケ地の大國魂神社に寄ってパシャリしてきた📸 https://t.co/TegAKtDkRS

Koishikawa Korakuen / 小石川後楽園

Koishikawa Korakuen is a park located at Koraku area, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.
This place is uniquely designed. Every building or nature are designed centering on the pond located in the middle of the park.

Koishikawa Korakuen has variety of flowers and beautiful trees such as plum trees, cherry blossoms and so on.
I assure you that you can feel relaxed with just walking around the park.

And actually, it is said that water has spiritual power soothing your heart.
Due to that belief, it is said that the pond located in the middle of Koishikawa Korakuen gives spiritual power to those who visited there.
小石川後楽園行ってからのドームシティでジェットコースター4回乗った~笑笑 https://t.co/h90zIZtDO6
Popular on 500px : 小石川後楽園 Koishikawa Korakuen by Aqeel_Qureshi #Travel with us @ https://t.co/LPgcPc32BM https://t.co/uUrGsZKGuh
水戸藩上屋敷の梅園、7分咲きまで咲いてきましたよ。 #大名庭園 #大名屋敷 #江戸町歩き (@ 小石川後楽園 in 文京区, 東京都) https://t.co/MQP1AUS9MS https://t.co/vJBfy219vo

御岳山・武蔵御嶽神社 / Mt.Mitakesan / Musashi Mitake Jinja Shrine

Mt.Mitakesan has been a spiritual mountain for a long time. This mountain is the sacred place for Shugendō religion.
Shugendo monks used to keep on training in this mountain.

Nowadays, many ordinary people visit here to get a share of its power.
There are old Japanese style of hotels in the mountain that you can stay one night in this mountain.

As I wrote, it is said that water has special spiritual power. Mt.Mitakesan is full of spots with water such as beautiful small falls or small rivers.
If you have 1 day off or 2, I recommend you to visit here to refresh your body and heart.
御岳山、天気良好でとても良かった。ロープウェイ初めて乗った。神社からロックガーデン巡り。天狗岩の上で柿の葉寿司を食す。神社戻りくるみ蕎麦食した後、日の出山に縦走、つるつる温泉。打ち上げ。 https://t.co/mpW488FGCk
東京都、奥多摩の御岳山にいます(*^_^*)青空のもと、遠く筑波山をがみえます!見つからないと噂の御岳山頂標識を確認(-_-)奥宮の社横にひっそりとあります(u_u) https://t.co/OYRzkn0nho
Lake Mitakesan
Lake Mitakesan
Foggy Lake Mitakesan
Foggy Lake Mitakesan
A small fall in the Mt.Mitakesan
A small fall in the Mt.Mitakesan



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Best 3 power spots in Tokyo to charge your body with energy
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