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WEB version is recommended for dating sites

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Thursday, September 07, 2017 at 17:39

WEB version is recommended for dating sites

WEB version is recommended for dating sites
Now, the dating industry is increasingly using dating apps.

The dating site has both the application version and the WEB version, both of which can be used in the same way and can be synchronized, which is convenient, but the application version has limited charge and some functions.

Although installing from an application is also good, we recommend Web version which can receive free points and others. After registration, you can install the application at any time.

Also, there are so many dating sites, so it is better not only to use one dating site, but to use more than one site.
About reputable dating site · app

Currently, the popular dating system is a point system such as exciting e-mail and happy e-mail, a completely free dating application, such as pairs, where you can connect with your neighbors with ease using chat mail with smartphone GPS search It is popular for Facebook-based matching apps that can search for active and married partners.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of encounter systems of malicious fraud that encounter e-mails with registered members using cherry blossoms using cherry blossoms and cheat fare as point merchandise by fraudulent billing.

To meet in a dating system, it is important to avoid a malicious fraud encounter system and use a safe good site / application.
Disadvantages of dating applications

The point to purchase in the WEB version and the application version is the same amount, but the application version is getting smaller.

The reason is that a fee is charged instead of posting an app like AppleStore on Iphone or Google Play on Android.

Both Apple and Google do not lend the application market for free, there are strict judgments to release the application, you can not post the application unless you clear it. Applications that do not follow the guidelines are rejected (deleted).

Applications rejected by dating apps
Android application iPhone application
PCMAX released During release
Happy Mail release in progress
Exciting email reject in progress
YYC released during release
J Mail Rejecting in progress
Icicle released during release
Merpara Rejecting in progress
ASOBO released during release
No love search application No app

The dating system that is being rejected can not be downloaded from the store, so you need to download it directly from the site.

In addition, because the application version is often restricted in function, it is a simple version position of the WEB version, so purchasing points is a WEB version, and it is recommended that you use them appropriately, for example, to search photos in search of application versions .
Which dating system is recommended?

As for which dating site · application it is good to register and use it, it is "Encounter system of point system of about 50 yen ~ 70 yen per sending fee is a dating system of a fixed price system I will.

Among them, it is recommended because the probability that the point system dating system is safe to meet both the WEB version and the application version is very high.



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WEB version is recommended for dating sites
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