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Pikachu (a mouse) is being friends with a cat

Matome Entertainment
Monday, January 02, 2017 at 20:09

The most beautiful cat photo ever!

Mr.Sena (@_Estrela_star) posted photos on Twitter.
His cute cat called Toi is sleeping on the bed along with pikachu stuffed doll.

And they look really alike and soooo cute!!
最高に可愛すぎかおめ〜〜〜???????????????????? https://t.co/3eXq01fFg6
Mr.Sena commented "You guys are so"

Actually they are supposed to be opponents...

Picachu is so cute that many people don't know on what animal Pikachu was created.
The truth is...
Q:What animal is Pikachu based on?

Pikachu, the yellow Pokemon that Ash Ketchum typically carries with him, is listed on the official Pokemon website as a "Mouse Pokemon," though anatomically, Pikachu is probably more remniscent of a hamster or a pika.
Pikachu was created based on a MOUSE.

Moreover Pikachu's biggest opponent is Meowth of Team Rocket.

DesertInn(エディア 一本勝負)@__DesertInn__
@ah1122945935 @takinomichi57 @seri_win 最初ニャースかと見間違えたわ https://t.co/UAzkAfBynQ
Needless to say, Meowth was created based on Cat.

So opponents in Pokemon world are friends in a real world.
What a heartwarming story!!

Anyway, they are just too cute!

Pikachu and Cat
Pikachu and Cat
Source: Twitter.com
Mr.Sena posted one more zoomed up picture.
They are just cute!

I hope unlike in Anime, they keep being good friends forever!


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  • Plague
  • WriterKyo
    So cute,isn't it? :D
  • paramraje
    yeah :)

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Pikachu (a mouse) is being friends with a cat
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