Toilet paper for smartphones at Japan's Narita airport

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Sunday, December 25, 2016 at 09:04
There's always something new from Japan. Recently, not only the usual toilet paper that's provided in the Narita international airport's toilet.

The toilets in Narita airport started to be equipped with special toilet paper to wipe the screen of your smartphones. Not just to wipe and make the screen to shine, it will also exterminate bacterias on smartphones.
Toilet paper for smartphone
Toilet paper for smartphone
Source: 毎日新聞
The special toilet paper is placed beside the usual toilet paper.
Source: 毎日新聞
According to Mainichi Shinbun (毎日新聞), total of 86 special toilet paper rolls are installed in the restrooms at Narita international airport.
Wiping Smartphone
Wiping Smartphone
Source: 毎日新聞
Swiping smartphone with the special toilet paper.
These rolls are provided by the Japanese telecommunication giant company, NTT DoCoMo. Not only to wipe smartphones, information about WiFi network is also printed on the paper.
WiFi network information
WiFi network information
Source: 毎日新聞
WiFi network information printed on the toilet paper.
Since this toilet paper tissue roll is something new and unusual, it even sparked Japanese social media users to post something about it.
「スマホはトイレの便座の5倍汚い」ドコモがスマホ用トイレットペーパー開発、成田空港に設置(佐藤仁) - Y!ニュース

DoCoMo also released a video on how to use toilets in Japan.
HOW TO USE TOILETS in JAPAN. -日本のトイレの使い方-
Source: Youtube
People around the world say toilets in Japan are extremely clean and “advanced”. This is a video explaining how to use toilets in Japan. We will introduce correct way of squatting at Japanese-style toilet, how to use bidet function, and most…
Video from DoCoMo on how to use toilets in Japan.
Before this toilet paper for smartphones, a lot of us know that Japan has always been innovative on improving home and public toilets.
Japanese toilet innovation called washlet. It is equipped with water spray to clean yourself and also a heater on the seat.
At this point, we can only wonder what kind of toilet innovation from Japan will come next. Let's look forward to it!



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Toilet paper for smartphones at Japan's Narita airport
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