Now you can have dinner with grandma anytime with VR

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Saturday, January 21, 2017 at 18:59

Minami Awaji city, Hyogo prefecture created a heart-warming VR video

Time at grandma's house is always a special memory. I still clearly remember that I really enjoyed time to have dinner with my grandma. I still feel I want to have dinner with my grandma again.
It seems Minami Awaji city has created a unique VR video that makes that dream come true.

This video is not only just a video, but a VR video you can look around Washitsu Japanese room and can eat dinner with grandma.
Let me explain what is this video all about!

Grandma carries you a bowl of miso soup first!

Grandma carries you a bowl of miso soup
Grandma carries you a bowl of miso soup
In a traditional Japanese washitsu room, you are sitting waiting for miso soup to come!

Grandma says "Long time no see!"

Grandma welcomes you saying "Long time no see!" and explain you about each dish for you.
Grandma's explanation
Grandma's explanation
Enjoy listening to grandma's kind explanation on each dish.

By the way, when you turn around with special VR device, you can look around the room like this.
Oh grandpa!
Oh grandpa!
Oh you notice that grandpa is also out there playing Go chess. (碁)

You finally virtually enjoy a heart-warming dinner with grandma

sometimes neighbors visit you and chat for a moment enjoying Inaka (田舎: suburbia) community. And finally you can virtually enjoy grandma's handmade dinner!

It is a combination of new technology and good old Japanese tradition. But people living in urban area sometimes really want this kind of Inaka feeling.
Even if you don't have VR device, you can enjoy 360° video by watching following movie on PC and drag the mouse around!

Enjoy heart-warming dinner now!
【360°動画】あわじ国バーチャン・リアリティ 朝ごはん篇
Source: Youtube
【360°動画】あわじ国バーチャン・リアリティ 夜ごはん篇
Source: Youtube



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Now you can have dinner with grandma anytime with VR
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