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"Wrapping": the hallmark of Japanese culture to be polite

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Friday, January 27, 2017 at 16:05

"Wrapping" is critically important to show respect to someone in Japan

One of the most important manners for Japanese, is to wrap anything up when you give something to someone.
If you give something to something except for business documents without wrapping, it is a breach of manner.

If you give someone money. It is super rude to give it without envelope

Let me explain the level of politeness of envelope.
Envelope politeness chart
Envelope politeness chart
I call the left brown envelope "rude envelope". You should not use it at formal situation.
You have to pick a right envelope for the purpose or situation.
Especially happy event envelopes for marriage are so well decorated.
The level of gorgeousness corresponds to the money inside.

Let me show you the level of gorgeousness of envelope here.
30,000 JPY inside level
30,000 JPY inside level
Source: zexy.net
If you pay around 30,000 which is normal price for attending wedding party, these normal level envelope is good.
50,000 JPY tier
50,000 JPY tier
If you pay 50,000 which is more expensive than normal, these decorative envelopes are good.
70,000+ JPY tier
70,000+ JPY tier
If you pay more than 70,000+ JPY which is pretty expensive, you can use these gorgeous envelope.

But please note that these differences are subjective and depends on the situations.
And for the perfect politeness, you must use unused money to show respect.

These consideration, decoration and wrappings are necessary to show respect in Japan.

When you wrap up a box, you have to wrap up with paper first

When you buy something as a gift, you have to wrap it up with paper.
It is so necessary. Without even paper wrapping, it is simply rude to give it to someone.

But don't worry, clerk will do instead of you if you buy a gift at department store or some semi formal to formal store.
Clerk will wrap up instead of you
Clerk will wrap up instead of you
Source: jwide.com
But if you wish to wrap it up yourself or you want to give something in your house as a gift, you can wrap it up yourself.

You can check out following video to learn how to wrap up.
Source: Youtube
包装紙を斜めに置き、箱を回転させながら包む方法です。百貨店やデパートのギフト包装は斜め包みが多く、高級感のあるギフト包装です。 ギフト、ラッピング、包装資材、販促用品からディスプレイ用品の通販:ヘッズ http://www.e-heads.co.jp/
斜め包み(回転包み) 【5分でマスター】 The Japanese Diagonal Wrapping
Source: Youtube

After wrapping up a gift with paper, don't forget to attach Noshi paper

Noshi paper on the box
Noshi paper on the box
We use noshi paper to show
"Who delivers this gift"
"For what, we give this gift"

On this photo, this gift was delivered by Taro Suzuki (鈴木太郎) to celebrate お歳暮 (Year end celebration).
When you buy a gift at department store in Japan, they will give you paper wrapping first if you ask it to clerk.

And then, you should say

"Noshi gami, onegaishimasu (のし紙お願いします)."

And they probably ask your name and the purpose of the gift.
After you answer these question, they ask you another question.

Do you want Noshi paper inside or outside the paper wrapping.
Usually you can choose, 外のし (Outside).

After purchase you can move on to Furoshiki wrapping if you really want to be polite.

You can use Furoshiki to make your wrapping journey perfect!!

Furoshiki is a piece of square cloth to wrap up some gift.

There are various colors, patterns, and sizes.
You can pick the right one to fit the situation.
The most basic way to wrap up a gift
The most basic way to wrap up a gift
Source: youtube.com
This is the most simple way to wrap up a gift.
When you hand the gift inside to someone, you take furoshiki off yourself and give something inside to whom you want to give it.

You can watch tutorial video to learn how to do this.
Source: Youtube

You can also use Furoshiki when you want to wrap up a bottle

One bottle wrapping
One bottle wrapping
Source: youtube.com
You can also use Furoshiki to wrap up a wine bottle.
It is very polite and fashionable to give a bottle of wine in this way.

You can check out tutorial video to do this.
店舗で魅せる風呂敷の包み方 瓶包み 一本包み 【和雑貨卸問屋】
Source: Youtube
There is also ways to wrap up 2 bottles.
You can check the video as follows.
店舗で魅せる風呂敷の包み方 瓶包み 二本包み 【和雑貨卸問屋】
Source: Youtube

You can also use Furoshiki to wrap up a watermelon or melon

Surprisingly you can use, Furoshiki to wrap up a watermelon or a melon.
Usually it is very hard to carry big watermelon. But if you wrap it up, its easy to carry and looks so fashionable.
Source: youtube.com
Watermelon wrapping
Watermelon wrapping
Source: youtube.com
You can easily carry watermelon in this way.

You can watch tutorial video to do this.
風呂敷の包み方DVD~Japanese eco wrapping~ スイカ篇
Source: Youtube
スローモーションの映像が入っているので誰にでも風呂敷が包めます。 http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B004IRRTW8/ 映像制作メディアジャパン http://www.me-ja.co.jp/



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