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3 strangest weight loss diet that once became famous in Japan

Matome Funny Stuffs
Saturday, January 28, 2017 at 16:37

Japanese people are addicted to lose weight

Even though Japanese are skinnier compared with global standard, Japanese tend to wish to lose more and more weight.
According to "Ranking of world's most obese nations" published by WHO, Japan is ranked 166 out of 189.
Then how come Japanese try even harder to lose weight?

The reason is simple. When you watch TV or check out fashion magazines, the models out there are too skinny, and people are forced to think that they must lose more and more weight.

But as you well know, it is so hard to lose weight because we have to fight against appetite. Some people also don't like to work out.
As a result, pretty weird easy diet method shows up and get popular sometimes such as Natto (納豆) diet or Banana diet.

But there are more creepy new method of diet in the world.
Let me introduce best 3 bizarre method of diet which once became famous in Japan.

Note: The method I introduce here might be imported from foreign countries. The criteria of choice is that "once became famous in Japan."

Blue diet method

Blue diet
Blue diet
Blue diet is a method which targets to suppress appetite by visually turing food into blue color.

Blue color has an effect to suppress appetite and make you feel don't want to eat a lot.

There are roughly two ways to carry out blue diet.
One is to wear blue glass and eat. As a matter of course all the foods look so blue to you. As a result you lose your appetite.

Another way is to use "blue food coloring ". It is a way to make all the foods blue for real. It is said that if rice or bread is blue, you seriously lose your appetite.

If you want to try it out, you can buy blue food coloring from here.

"Pretend to eat" diet (エアーダイエット)

This diet method spread from a campaign by Dolce & Gabbana. Many celebrities such as Madonna participated this campaign.

The method is simple. Prepare dinner as usual and try to eat it, but stop eating a second before dinner reaches your mouth and return it onto plate and keep on doing this for every plate.

Yes, it is literally "Pretend to eat" diet.
If you keep on doing this, you will be mentally sick and don't feel like to eat anything.

BUT, this is one big joke by celebrities. Do not try to do it please.
It is not only bizarre but also a blasphemy to food....

Honey bee's stinger diet

Honey bee's stinger diet
Honey bee's stinger diet
This method is dangerously bizarre.

The method itself is simple, catch a honey bee somewhere and make it sting your pressure point which controls your appetite.

The poison of honey bee stimulate and paralyze the pressure spot and help you lose your appetite.

Looks logical.
But it is simply just too stupid and dangerous for your health.

I recommend you not to do this!!



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3 strangest weight loss diet that once became famous in Japan
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