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I've got a problem. I can recognize the furigana of a kanji, but, if I see just the furigana, I… - Feed Post by REI0

I've got a problem. I can recognize the furigana of a kanji, but, if I see just the furigana, I can't write his own kanji, because I don't remember them well, I guess. Do you know a way, besides writing continuously kanji, how to remember properly kanji also about on this side? I was trying with the flashcards White Rabbit Press (however very useful), but I just started use them, and if you know another more effectvie way... Thanks in advance!
posted by REI0

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  • riccaicedo
    Reio-san, each kanji is made up of radicals. Learn every radical with the correct stroke order so that kanji become easier to write. Make up your own mnemonics for each kanji (using its radicals), so that remembering each kanji becomes easier.
  • REI0
    Good! I didn't think about it! Thanks a lot. I'll try immediately with this method!
  • Medyrius
    You can also invest some time in James heisig's "Remembering the kanji", the method described in there is similar to the one suggested by riccaicedo... There are already made mnemonic stories that'll help you remember kanji whenever you need them...
  • REI0
    有り難う Medyrius! I'll try this too! ☻
  • Erinan
    I second the radicals, makes things quite easier for a lot of them. There is a deck in Anki called "Japanese radical names" which can help (but also contains some crazy kanji, so try to remember the simplest ones at first).You can also find those radicals on the backs of the (awesome) White Rabbit cards, use them!

    Take 婚 for example. My 'trick' to remember it is that it's the day (日) a woman (女) becomes part of the clan (氏) ;) I believe that most of those radicals are actual kanji. Does anyone know if some radicals only exist as "radicals"?
  • Erinan
    Ha, of course there are, I'll blame it on a lack of sleep. There are for example the top left part of 店, the top part of 家, etc. Those are some of the radicals.
  • REI0
    Yeah, I think that with the radicals is the easiest way, anyway it's true that there are a lot of them so complicated and that you have to focus only on the simplest ones. And those white rabbit cards.. They're Truly Awesome! I suggest to use them in the beginning, definitely!