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Guys, I know it's not the most appropriate question to ask, but, since I'm going to attend… - Feed Post by REI0

Guys, I know it's not the most appropriate question to ask, but, since I'm going to attend Japanese Classes at University from now on starting on September, the course forces you to choose an other asian language, it's a requirement to get the college degree in Japanese Language and I picked Chinese. I know that it's weird, but apparentely at University you can't just pick only japanese.
So my question is, do you know a website Good, just like JapanesClass.jp but for Chinese Language? I mean, JapanesClass.jp is so good that I will never end to thank you and I was hoping to find its equivalent in chinese. Thanks.
posted by REI0

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  • mog86uk
    I haven't tried to learn Chinese before, but it does seem harder to find sites like this for Chinese than for Japanese.

    http://chineseinflow.com - This site is pretty decent for basic vocabulary learning games. Really well made. I found it interesting doing the Fast Hands games and choosing "Numbers" and "Colors". I managed to get nearly all the questions correct simply from what I know in Japanese! Then after a while I turned off the question text, leaving only the Chinese audio to go by, and I managed to keep answering. Pretty fun. ^^

    http://www.memrise.com - Memrise has Chinese courses. I guess this might be closer to what JCJP is like.

    http://www.duolingo.com - Duolingo doesn't have any Chinese courses, although you could set the site language to Chinese and pick the English course (like what I do for learning Japanese on there). ;)
    This is decent for practicing sentence composition for Japanese, so probably is for Chinese too, but will likely be too use this until you are past the basics of learning Chinese.

    I don't know any sites anything really like JCJP though.
  • REI0
    Thank you so much man! You are always so helpful Really appreciated! I'll try these ones for now. <3
  • mog86uk
    I don't think I was that helpful this time though. Those links aren't really that much like what you were asking for. Hopefully someone else might have a better answer.
  • REI0
    yeah, well, nothing is like japaneseclass, but even though that memrise is nice.