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Is it correct to say this in japanese guys? アンナさんは来週、家を変えるつもりです。 - Feed Post by REI0

Is it correct to say this in japanese guys?


the part I'm not sure about is this one "家を変える". I mean, is it correct the particle を between 家 and 変える?? I know it is with 下宿を変えるつもりです, but I'm not sure if it's the same with 家. Can you help me guys? Thanks! :D
posted by REI0

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  • Kimbo
    に is usually used to show direction and movement, so perhaps "家に帰るつもりです" would be a better fit?
  • mog86uk
    Are you sure you mean 変える (かえる), which means "transform, convert, alter, ..."? 変える is a transitive verb and using を with it is normal.

    帰る (かえる) "return, go home, leave, ..." is an intransitive verb, so it makes sense that を would not be used with that.

    If you do mean it like "change (house) = move (house)", then a better word taught on JCJP is 移る (うつる) "to move (house), to transfer (department), ..."
  • REI0
    I get what you mean guys, first of all thanks for helping me out :) . The thing is that I found this sentence already built on my textbook in the exercise and I'm kinda forced to use it (the verb), even if I agree with you that I could use better verbs. Instead to move in a rented room, it's a whole house, so, I should say the same sentence with 家 and not with 下宿. It's a change of house, and my question is, using the verb 変える and the 家 what particle is correct to use? That was my main doubt!
  • Kimbo
    Don't listen to me. I'm just an idiot xD (My mind jumped the gun to a familiar pattern)
  • REI0
    it's ok man. I appreciate anyway the interest! :D
  • mog86uk
    を is the correct particle to use in that sentence. The house is the direct object of the transitive verb; the house is the item in the sentence that the subject is performing the action on.

    Using を in the sentence: "Anna, next week, intends to change house".
    Using に instead: "Anna, next week, intends to change TO a house".

    If Anna is currently homeless but next week is going to be changing to living in a house, then that second sentence could be what you want... I might not be correct though... ^^

    This Weblio thesaurus page is useful. Shows the "家を変える" is valid, and shows the alternatives too:

    @Kimbo I actually thought you were being sharp minded to notice that a mistake might have been made, when you suggested 帰る. I thought you were correct. :P
  • REI0
    Thank you sooo much! I really am happy when after hours spent studying on this website, I can receive even this kind of help! I really appreciate all of this! Thank you thank you thank you for clearing my doubts! :D

    P.S. : Thx for the link, very useful!
  • Kimbo
    Then... I never said anything! Forget my previous comment! xD