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Does anyone know what kanji are these on his right arm? - Feed Post by REI0

Does anyone know what kanji are these on his right arm?


the second one, I think is 風, but the first one? Thanks!
posted by REI0

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  • AkiyeHanasaki
    It kind of looks like 神, but that's a really messy calligraphy so I can't tell for sure... So yeah, I guess it forms the word 神風 (kamikaze) which makes sense.
  • REI0
    It's the only one, right?? The problem is that on that picture in italian they say it means "never give up" and I can't understand How!
  • AkiyeHanasaki
    I was kind of misled by the italian text too, since it says a totally different thing. But I cannot think of it in any other way...
  • REI0
    Yeah, they say that the first kanji means "alive" and the second one means "always look forward". I have no idea, maybe they're wrong, no other explanation. Anyway thanks for your time and your help. I appreciate!
  • AkiyeHanasaki
    Anytime! ^^
  • EustachyMotyka
    The first kanji is definitely 神 (kami) and the second one is 風 (kaze). So whole word means "kamikaze".
  • shirokitsune
    I thought that maybe they were translating it from Chinese as they sometimes differ in meaning but nope it has the same meaning haha
  • REI0
    Thanks, I didn't even think about it! :)