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Hi, I found this in katakana ヤンス. It has to be some kind of cloth, but I don't understand wich… - Feed Post by REI0

Hi, I found this in katakana ヤンス. It has to be some kind of cloth, but I don't understand wich one! I tought jeans, but it's not, anyone that can help me?? It's in a passage on my textbook of japanese. Thx!
posted by REI0

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  • Pilleno
    I think that's a foreign name Jans.
  • REI0
    Fisrt of all, Thanks for the answer. I know that could be definitely a name, but in the sentence it doesn't make sense translated in this way. I don't know... Thx anyway!
  • chanto
    I'd post up the entire sentence!
  • REI0
    Here the script, unfortunately, I don't know why, I can't post it completely form the ebook, so it's only a part.


    If you can read the characters and help me translate.
    This is what I've translated so far:

    男の服は クロネッカーが サイコーに カッコいいせ。

    Thanks for the help! I really can't do it alone!
  • Feteo
    センス and not ヤンス
  • REI0
    Wow, Thank you so much!! I really ned it for the translation! Anyway, any luck in understanding what kanji is the one after "nani"? And "センスも イケてるし" what is its meaning? Sorry if I take advantage, but I try to get every possible help. Thank you again for your time. I appreciate!
  • Feteo
    No idea. Quality's horrible, I'm sorry. :(
  • REI0
    Thanks, no prob! You have already helped a lot! :)
  • Pilleno
    イケてる=cool; with-it; turn-on; sexy, shi is "It's similar to kara but can be used to give multiple reasons (whereas kara was only one reason).
    The sentence basically looks like this:
    (reason 1)shi, (reason 2)shi, (situation)." The kanji is... well I'm not sure but probably this: 何遍/なんべん - how many times; how often.
  • REI0
    First of all, Perfect! You are my heroe! But then the meaning of あしたは 何遍 what should be? I really can't get it! And thanks again! ;)