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Hi guys! I need help. I came across this "ポッコリ" precisely ぽっこりお腹. The sentence is "ポッコリしてきたぞ". How… - Feed Post by REI0

Hi guys! I need help. I came across this "ポッコリ" precisely ぽっこりお腹. The sentence is "ポッコリしてきたぞ". How can I translate it?? And what's the equivalent in english of this ぽっこり referred obviously to お腹 ? Thanks for your time!
posted by REI0

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  • REI0
    I know it's a surplus fat on the waist, but I don't know how translate it in english correctly!
  • mog86uk
    ポッコリ = bump/lump/hump, sticking out, bulky.

    I think, if this word is used on its own, it is often assumed to be referring to sticking out bellies.

    ぽっこりお腹 - this specifically refers to a sticking out stomach. I think this is normally used for beer bellies / pot bellies, or maybe it can also be used for bellies which are just sticking out (from underneath a shirt)?

    ポッコリ = sticking out (adverb)
    して + きた = had been [doing] (verb)
    ぞ emphatic assertive particle.

    Therefore, I'm guessing 'ポッコリしてきたぞ' means 'had been sticking out'.
  • mog86uk
    ポッコリ doesn't seem to be in many online dictionaries. Here's one site which does list its meaning though:


    Also, check out the very first episode of NHK's がっ活 animation shorts. The whole five minute episode is completely dedicated to ポッコリ!

    According to がっ活, the lump on your wrist is to be called 'ポッコリーヌちゃん'! (joke)

    If you Google 'Gakkari episode 1', it's easy to find it to watch subbed in English and Japanese. ^^
  • mog86uk
    'Gakkatsu episode 1' * (oops)
  • REI0
    Awesome! Thank you so much! You couldn't be more perfect in the explanation!

    (Gakkatsu episode 1' * (oops)) Haha!!
  • mog86uk
    Yeah, I didn't mean to suggest that you search for 'feel disappointed/let-down' がっかり ^^;

    You can tell I do JCJP a lot -- I accidentally, without thinking typed a random word which comes up often in JCJP Practice! :D

    Glad you found that helpful, I just hope I was right. :)