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Wow a new level! That's great! Thx! We have some choice in double here... - Feed Post by Annick

Wow a new level! That's great! Thx!
We have some choice in double here...
posted by Annick

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  • mog86uk
    Hey Annick. You're a couple of days late onto the scene. :P
    Scroll 13 posts down the social feeds page to this post:

    Interesting that we both found the same one first. There are 15 doubles in total. Check out the list near the bottom of the comments. I think we might have missed one that's not on that list though, so happy hunting. ^^
  • Annick
    Haha, yes I'm late and far behind. 15 double! Is there one good and one wrong, or are they both good answers?
  • mog86uk
    Both are fine to click. I kept skipping them for ages, which was annoying, but I remembered it definitely doesn't work the same way as vocabulary questions with duplicate answers. ^^

    It's only vocabulary questions where, with identical answers, only one is accepted and one is wrong. With kanji questions you can click either, even though it seems like exactly the same thing.
  • beeant
    I just fixed this problem! thanks for the report :)
  • almost
    How are you so good at japanese?!!
  • Annick
    I wouldn't say that I'm good, but studying everyday, even if it's not much, is helping not forgetting what we just learned. What works best for me (unfortunately I'm quite lazy with this) is trying to read sentences in Japanese, recopying kanji and looking up for their meaning.
  • almost
    annick = inspiration!