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Here in これは、ずいぶんな御挨拶だなあ ずいぶん is a adjective right? So it express something negative… - Feed Post by Annick

Here in これは、ずいぶんな御挨拶だなあ
ずいぶん is a adjective right? So it express something negative right? Or am I wrong?
posted by Annick

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  • mog86uk
    At first I just thought 御挨拶 only meant a greeting. So I went straight on to looking up ずいぶんな on JMdict, and it says it means "contemptible; reprehensible".

    So, "a reprehensible greeting"?

    This seemed like an odd thing for someone to talk about. So I looked up 御挨拶 and it says it has another meaning:

    "A fine thing to say (used as part of a sarcastic response to a rude remark)."

    If it is this meaning, then the sentence should be a sarcastic response to a rude thing someone said before it. And it means the rest of the rest of the sentence should be sarcastic too.

    So I looked ずいぶん up in a couple of different J>E dictionaries:

    These dictionaries show there's a sarcastic way of using ずいぶん. This is what we need to fit that second meaning of 御挨拶!

    So it looks like 随分な御挨拶 may be sarcastically saying "what a fine thing to say". The understood meaning being this sarcasm being a criticism of the rude/thoughtless/horrid thing said by the person you are responding to.

    I could have got this completely wrong, but it was fun looking into this difficult question. ^^
  • Annick
    Yes it was not a nice greeting, but usually we see ずいぶん as an adverb used with verbs, adjectives and meaning "lot, quite"
    here it's a na adjective used with a noun.
  • mog86uk
    Yeah, I think I've come across ずいぶん before, but only as an adverb, never as a na-adjective.

    Some online dictionaries and sites like wiktionary only mention the adverb usage of ずいぶん. The last two links I listed earlier show the na-adjective use tagged as〈反語〉and〔皮肉に〕to indicate its use in sarcasm.

    If you look ずいぶん up in the Daijisen, it lists its use in three parts of speech: na-adjective (形動), adverb (副), and even as a noun (名)!

    (Wish we could edit posts. Keep tryping weird mistakes, like "being" instead of "behind" and repeating stuff.)
  • Annick
    That's okay I didn't even notice the mistakes. Thanks for the info =)