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What a tease..... - Feed Post from Annick to mog86uk

What a tease.....
posted by Annick

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  • mog86uk
    I thought it would be an interesting situation if it put me in the lead with that amount of EXP. I have a feeling I've noticed before that the secondary sort order is done by ascending user id number, if two users have the same amount of EXP in the rankings. So I didn't think it was going to work. :P
  • Annick
    Well he's still in the first place...
  • mog86uk
    I'll try and overtake him when I can gather up the energy. Too tired right now. Tomorrow ...maybe. :P
  • Annick
    Haha! Or until another ambitious player come too close...
  • Annick
    Congrat :P
  • mog86uk
    Ta. ^^