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Does someone know what ユービンヤサン means? Thx - Feed Post by Annick

Does someone know what ユービンヤサン means? Thx
posted by Annick

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  • Annick
  • Annick
    郵便屋サン ...OTL
  • mog86uk
    Yeah, looks like you figured it out already. Postman sounds right, if it fits the context you saw it in. I can't think of any other alternatives. When I type just the first five kana "ゆうびんや" in Google Japanese Input, the top auto-complete suggestion is 郵便やさん.
  • Annick
    Not sure it fits the context but I can't see anything else. I read it on that page http://amamori.exblog.jp/5658930/
  • Annick
    Songs name?
  • Annick
    Oh that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqpR2ZAdnRY
    Ok it makes sense, I'm not familiar with jump-rope LOL OTL
  • Annick
    It was really easy after all, I embarrassed myself *crawls under a rock*
  • mog86uk
    Oh! That's pretty interesting. Watching that video makes me wish I could remember what we used to sing here in England when we did long rope during breaktime in primary school. I think it was something in a similar to that song, at least the style of it.

    By the way, do you guys call it a "jump rope" in Canada? I vaguely think I've heard that term used in American speech before (probably from cartoons I guess). Here we call it a "skipping rope".
  • mog86uk
    Oh wait, I think I remember that what kids sang here was just something along the lines of "{something something something..} how many friends does X have.. 1.. 2.. 3.." and other made-up-on-the-spot stuff like that. Not any kind of organised song.

    I guess it could never have been the same song anyway, as we didn't have to touch the ground with our hands after each jump unlike the Japanese song requires.
  • Annick
    Well I'm a French speaker so I don't really know how they call it in English, there is very little English speakers around :/ Hm... according to the English version of one of our online store, we say jump rope. I think we had the same song, with how many friends someone had, I was more playing with marbles at the time so I didn't pay attention, we had one talking about ice cream, limonade and betrothed.
  • Ryuhu
    Faced that too