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I need some help with I'm new?

1. What is a LINE? People told me to add them so I can study with them? What does that mean and where is it?

2. How do I remember words I learned? Yesterday I did chapter 1...I forgot everything I did.

3. Any tips you can give me for a beginner? I learned Hiragana and Katakana on my own and I'm pretty good with them.
posted by KenjiSama

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  • tereziKagamine
    1. LINE is a messaging service app that's used by a lot of Japanese people, and people share their IDs so that they can practice Japanese.

    2. That's what the Practice part is for!

    3. I think you should use the language a lot; it helps with memorization.
  • pekoegal
    Flashcards will help for remembering words. You can write the words from each chapter on flashcards and then test yourself a few times during the day. You should practice at least 30 minutes a day. Not all at once, if you don't have the time, but try to fit in 30 minutes of practice. As you gain more words, it will be easier to get 30 minutes of practice in.
  • kimjimbel
    Line is an app similar to whatsapp... everyone in japan use it.
  • DS25
    If this site is not enough, try Anki.
  • Galpsi
    And Anki is?
  • click
    Anki is a flashcard app. The flashcards are on your computer, you judge how well you did, and that determines when they next appear. Memrise is also nice.