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I'm thinking of going to a Japanese Language school in Japan.

What do you think? There are some summer programs for people under 18 like me. I think it would be good because self studying is great and all, but, my accent sucks and I have no native Japanese speaker anywhere near me. Youtube videos don't work for me either. Do you guys know of a good school? I don't want it to be too expensive...Don't worry, my parents approve of me going, just so many expensive language schools. I even saw one where it was MORE than a full academic year. 15k for summer program, 10k for full year...........I'm not looking for big though, less time for teachers to focus on students.
posted by KenjiSama

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  • LIAM
    I'm in the same situation but I'm 21. If you're going to college id just study abroad through your home school and get credits at the same time while studying japanese.
  • freakymrq
    this video will help in your situation :D
  • rupertherro
    19 same problem, just I have a money issue :/
  • MintyHippo
    A good friend of mine is currently studying at tsukuba university. He's starting from almost the complete basics and said it's a really good place to study as there aren't that many students so you can get a lot of one on one time. He got a number of scholarships to help with the payment of his study so he almost only pays living expenses now.

    I'm not actually sure if this would be available to people under the age of 18. Also if you go to live there for any amount of time by yourself you'll probably get some pretty bad culture shock.
  • inulie
    I stayed at an language school in fukuoka some time ago. it was really fun. there were max of 6 oder 7 students per class and different teachers every day,so if you didn't like one, you would have another one next day. It was really cool, and they did many social stuff and cultural stuff too. When I was there, there were also 16 year olds, so I guess under 18 is ok there. I just don't know about any scholarships, since my parents payed for me. I just know, that someone payed like 3000€ for 4 weeks, which was like the cheapest possible (which is staying at a host family where you get food and don't have to pay for it). I stayed there for 3 months and payed around 10k € but I lived quiet expensive and spend a lot of money for fun stuff one doesn't really need.

    Hope I could help.
  • Sylase
    That sounds fun to me! I've never been to Japan, but it's my dream! I bet it's beautiful. You're right, though, I had heard it was expensive... but thanks so much for your info! :D