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Verbal tic or something I need to stop.

Everytime I think of fluently speaking Japanese, my sentences always end in "だあよう"

I don't know why I do it. I keep hearing it at the end of sentences of the ごくせ drama. I think I made it a habit of some sort. What should I do?

Btw, my computer had a program to install another language >:D so i have the Japanese Keyboard now.
posted by KenjiSama

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  • mog86uk
    I'm guessing you meant to type "ごくせん"? I've watched the anime before but didn't realise there was a drama of it! I've just watched the first episode. I think it's probably better than the anime although both are remarkably similar. I haven't seen Fuji the dog in the drama yet though...

    I doubt it is exactly "だあよう" you keep hearing though, as I don't think that means anything as a sentence ending. Probably だよ or だろう. I was going to listen out for hearing it, but I was enjoying watching it to much to notice anything. :P
  • KenjiSama
    yeah i meant that. I think its だよ I'm hearing.and i meant to type ごくせん.

    Totally check out the drama. It's more "serious" and less humorous than the anime though. I do know that some of the actors play different characters even though they look like another character in the anime........