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Forum: Have you ever dreamed in Japanese?

I dreamed I accomplished my life-long goal of going to Japan. At the airport, I bumped into a little boy spilling his soda. I spoke to him in to me was perfect Japanese. I recognized some of the words I used speaking to him, others were kinda new to me.

I gave him money (oddly looked like british pounds even though im in america wtf?) and told him to think of it as a present. He and his friends walked off then. I heard my plane call and next thing you know, im in Japan.

I literally woke up crying. It was a dream come true that I'm even more determined to acomplish.
posted by KenjiSama

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  • DeadWitness
    I once dreamed I was helping out a Japanese businessman who was lost in my country and needed help. I've had similar dreams a few times. Ironically, when I was in Japan I NEVER did.
  • ninjaO_O
    yeah about 8+- times so far.
    years ago when i studied Japanese a lot (more than i do now) before bed i couldn't get my mind off it so i had a few Japanese related dreams. lol

    i had one/ or a few where i was still trying to teach my self Japanese.... lol
    a few of them were me visiting a friend in japan.
    and some were of the friend visiting me.
    the words spoken were most likely nonsense though....
  • alpha1412
    I dreamed several times in japanese, I didn't know what I was saying, I was just hearing other people talking it and by some weird miracle I kinda knew what they were saying and understood them, it was weird though but I was happy I was talking japanese too.
  • pianoisloved
    I dreamt going out on a date with my jpop idol and actually conversing in Japanese a few days ago.
    Woke up late for school but it was worth it. LOL
  • Nebulahime14
    I dreamed that I was living there and my family randomly came over to my apartment really unexpectedly because they just showed up without even telling me they'd be there. I had a friend over who was just spazzing while my little brother kept going through my cabinets looking for ramen. -_- So then I had to yell at him in English and explain to my friend in Japanese. I don't know what my parents were doing.

    My second one was when my friend who's also learning Japanese, again, randomly showed up and was completely helpless, so I had to help her read signs and stuff. Fun. I also remember that we went to some restaurant and she committed social suicide by not using the little towel and trying to drink the finger water. The sad thing is, she'd really do that too.