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Auto-logout timer

I have a problem with the website auto-logging me out in the middle of a test. It seems to be on a 24-hour clock. Is there a way to change the code, so that answering a test question resets the auto-logout timer?

It's not a huge deal, but a little frustrating when I am drilling through the chapter tests in order, and suddenly I am not getting credit for several tests.
posted by Stray_Mongrel

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  • beeant
    Hello Stray_Mongrel,

    I'm sorry for this problem, and thank you for reporting.

    I have set the cookie to one year. So the cookie wont expire for one year unless you logout.

    Thank You,
  • Stray_Mongrel
    woohoo! yay!

    Thanks for that, it was a little thing, but I got caught by it so many times, it was really building up as an annoyance.

    I also wrote an EMail to GeoIP, and sent my IP adress and ISP information, but they EMailed me back, that I my ISP was already in the database.

    Thanks again beeant, I really appreciate it.