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Discouraged ...

I've been learning Japanese for some years but my level is still at beginner-intermediate :( I'm really discouraged because my vocabulary and grammar doesn't seem to improve, no matter how hard I study. But this site is really helpful and I love that you can chat with other people and make friends.
posted by Dorayakiko

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  • Loffu
    Well... HOW do you study? I think it may be one of the main problems you´re not having a process.
  • Dorayakiko
    well, I study with textbooks, then I take down notes and write vocabulary lists. the main problem is that I can't practice speaking japanese with someone because few (or 0) people speak japanese in Canada.
    Would you have any advice how I could improve my studying? Thanks!
  • burosu
    Use memrise.com or Anki for vocab. This site is not very good. I've noticed a lot of incorrect translations on here. For grammar, I'd recommend reading Tae Kim's guide or use Imabi.com if you want really in depth and complicated grammar explanations.

    Other than that, read some manga that is around your level or try NHK easy news for reading practice. Listen to Japanese music, watch Japanese shows and just immerse yourself in the language as much as possible.
  • Dorayakiko
    I hope it helps!
  • Medicontherun
    alternatively i've found that it's quite useful to get a few people who are also interested in the language to keep in email contact with.
    native speakers would be good but other non native speakers can be helpful too :)
    u could message me and i'll try to keep up :P
  • MasterYoda
    Dorayakiko-san, according to your profile, you already speak like 4+ languages! I wouldn't get too discouraged if I were you. Learning Japanese is one of the most difficult things I've ever attempted, but it's so fascinating that I can't let myself give up. P.S. Lots of Canadians are learning Japanese, especially in the GTA.