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2 reasons why Japanese love Twitter

Matome Technology
Wednesday, February 01, 2017 at 13:09

Japan is a hope for Twitter, Inc.

Twitter is declining. Active users at Sep 30th of 2015 was 320 mil but dropped to 310 mil at Jan 2017. It is said that there are no big room for growth for Twitter anymore.
But on the other hand, Twitter is still growing in Japan.
Active users in Japan at Dec 2015 was 35 mil and active users at Sep 2016 increased to 40 mil.

How come Twitter is growing in Japan?

I would like to explain some possible explanation for this.

1. Japanese language fits Twitter's feature

In Tiwtter, tweets restricted to 140 characters even though there are some rules to make users type more. Under that rule, Japanese works better than English.
The reason for this, Japanese uses Kanji (漢字). Kanji is an ideograman ideograph.
For example, English word "bird" is an enumeration of alphabets. Therefore each "b" "i" "r""d " don't have meaning for each letter. Alphabets are a phonogram.
On the other hand, Kanji is an ideograman ideograph. Kanji itself has meaning.
For example a kanji 鳥 (bird) has a meaning itself as a bird.
Therefore, even though not grammertically correct, but even non-existent word "翔鳥
" is understandable for Japanese.

If I am to translate "翔鳥" into English, it would be "a flying bird".
Did you notice? In English, it takes longer texts to explain something compared with Japanese.

As a matter of course , English has an advantage too. English is quite suitable to explain some academic topics, while Japanese are good at explaining conceptual topics.

In Twitter, Japanese is more convenient than English because they can express more things in short sentences.
And moreover, in Japanese we can abbreviate subjects such as "I" "You" "He" "She" in many cases. It helps making texts even shorter.

For Example, look at this tweet. He/she explains "I am watching a baseball games" in 5 letters "野球観戦中"

2. Japanese people love anonymity

It is said that Japanese people are introvert and like to stay anonymous.
For example, the biggest online bulletin board "2ch" is entirely anonymous. Only administration people can access to their personal info.
And once famous social media Mixi focused on anonymity as well. Everybody can make a new account with fake name and made a lot of groups and enjoyed chatting.
Look at Japanese YouTubes, it is quite recent that Japanese YouTubers started to disclose their face. They like to hide their own face. If you take a look at Nico Nico Video, you still can see many broadcasters there chose not to show their faces.

Japanese people cannot share their true feelings on Facebook, because their colleagues, families may notice them.
Therefore Japanese people loved Twitter feature of being anonymous.


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  • FelliVox
    I can relate with the second point a lot...
  • WriterKyo
    FeliVox hahaha
    Maybe you have a talent to be Japanese lol

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2 reasons why Japanese love Twitter
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