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Controversial working condition by Osaka Prefecture. They want programming teachers to work for free.

Osaka prefecture want programming teachers who work for free.

Jan 12, 2017, Osaka prefecture disclosed an amazing job offer.

The job title is "Programming teacher".
Detailed requirements are
・Work as a programming teacher at elementary school and junior high school.
・Work as teacher while Saturday and Sunday as well
・Offer students with textbook and necessary materials to teach lessons.

These are quite ordinary conditions as teachers.
But the problem is the payment condition.It says

"Osaka Prefecture does not pay for regular salary, textbooks costs, and transportation costs"
and moreover
"Teachers should beat liability of damages in the school"

So in short, teachers should give lessons for free but have to pay if he/she breaks something in the class room.

It is ridiculous, isn't it?

Why Osaka Prefecture doen't pay for programming teachers?

Osaka Prefecture officially announced about this as follows.
"We would like to avoid any adhesions between Osaka prefecture and company that dispatches teachers.(Therefore we are looking for passionate company to work as teachers for free.)"

In this job offer, contracts are not made between Osaka prefectures and teachers personally.
Osaka prefecture makes contract with agencies or companies and ask them to dispatch teachers for school.

Therefore Osaka prefecture doesn't want to pay for teachers, because they seek fair and passionate candidates.

But it is so ridiculous.
There is nobody who works for free. And people think Osaka prefecture is so greedy and stingy.
I would to say, "Osaka prefecture, What is wrong with you?"

Netizens criticize it like crazy

Netizens' response to this job offer is all but criticisms saying

・"Ultimate black company (means a company which requires long working time with little salary.)"
・This is a hell on earth...
・Are there any motivations to apply for this job?
・Just nonsense...

Recently, Dentsu which is the biggest ad agency was accused for forcing workers to overwork and cornered one employee for suicide.
But even Dentsu, they at least pays salary to employee.
This "Volunteer spirit" is a dark side of Japan.
I hope Osaka prefecture responses to criticism and improve the job offer conditions.


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  • devan_desu
    oh God bad news indeed
  • DragonR33UA
    Why I am not surprised. Work in Japan and making money. Not in this country.

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Controversial working condition by Osaka Prefecture. They want programming teachers to work for free.
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